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John Adriani Papers, 1925-1988
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Manuscripts, 1953-1987 [subseries]:

Dated manuscripts are arranged chronologically. Undated manuscripts are arranged by title.)

116 4
Unpublished dated manuscripts, 1953-1959
116 5
Undated published manuscripts, 1960-1969
116 6
Unpublished dated manuscripts, 1970-1971
116 7
Unpublished dated manuscripts, 1972
116 8
Unpublished dated manuscripts, 1973-1979
116 9
Unpublished dated manuscripts, 1980-1984
116 10
Unpublished dated manuscripts, 1985
116 11
Unpublished dated manuscripts, 1986-1987
Undated manuscripts [subseries]:

(Arranged by title)

116 12
"Acupuncture", "Adverse reactions", "Allergy in surgical patients", "The AMA and the drug industry", undated
117 1
"The blood patch", "bupivacaine (marcaine)", "Chapter 22", "Contributions to medicine from the field of anesthesiology over the past three decades", "Deceptive and defensive medicine", undated
117 2
"Early days at Bellevue", "The efficacy and safety of local anesthetics", "Effectiveness of drugs used topically on the mucuous membranes and skin", undated
117 3
"Firsts in medicine at Charity Hospital", "The ganglionic blocking action of anesthetic drugs", "General anesthetics: absorption, distribution and elimination", "Indirect measurement of arterial blood pressure by an ultrasonic signal device", undated
117 4
"John Adriani's comments about anesthesiology at Bellevue before 1941", "Local anesthetics", "Local anesthetics: their effects upon tissues", undated
117 5
"The man of Louisiana politics [Earl Kemp Long]", "Metabolism and anesthesia", "Modern anesthesiology", "Narcotics", undated
117 6
"out-patient anesthesia", "Overdosage and poisoning due to general anesthetics annd related drugs and chemicals", undated
117 7
"Pharmacology of the muscle relaxants", "Physics and chemistry of inhalational appliances", "Postoperative jaundice and hepatitis: a study of ten years' experience of Charity Hospital in New Orleans", "Postoperative recovery room: the anesthetist's responsibility", "The practicing of medicine by technicians", "Prevention of reactions from local anesthetics", "Priapism during Innovar anesthesia: report of two cases", undated
117 8
"Recollections of John Lundy", "Regional anesthesia", "Some aspects of the history of regional anesthesia of the upper extremities", undated
117 9
"Topical anesthetic effects of certain salicylates for therelief of acute and chronic pain", "Unrecognized esophageal placement of intratracheal tubes", "Ventilators: hindrance or helpmate in anesthetic care?", "Visit with former President Harry Truman", undated
Undated notes [subseries]:

(Alphabetical by title)

117 10
"Agents causing long lasting anesthesia", "Alypin", "Amilocaine", "Butyl aminobenzoate [butesin]", undated
117 11
"Chlorobutanol", "Chloroprocaine", "Cocaine", "Contiuation of 'Cocaine'", "Cyclomethycaine", "Dibucaine", "Dimethisoquin", "Diperodon", "Dyclonine hydrochloride", "Hexylcaine", "Isobucaine", "Larocaine", undated
117 12
"Menthol", "Mepivacaine", "Metabutethamine", "Metabutoxycaine", "Naepine", "Narcotic analgesics", "Orthocaine", "Oxgenation", "Pentazocine [talwin]", "Phenacaine", "Phenol", "Piperocaine hdyrochloride", "Pramoxine", "Pontocaine, determination of", "Prilocaine", "Procaine hydrochloride", "Proparacaine hydrochloride", "Propoxycaine hydrochloride", "Tetracaine", "Tutocaine", undated
117 13
Miscellaneous unpublished, undated and untitled manuscripts
1173 14
Miscellaneous unpublished, undated and untitled manuscripts
118 1
Miscellaneous unpublished, undated and untitled manuscripts
118 2
Miscellaneous unpublished, undated and untitled manuscripts
118 3
Miscellaneous unpublished, undated and untitled manuscripts
118 4
Miscellaneous photos and illustrations (unidentified)
118 5
Miscellaneous photos and illustrations (unidentified)