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National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications Archives 1936-2017 (bulk 1980-2017)
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1991 [subseries]:

About 20 items.

Topics include activities at supercomputer centers (scientific computing, computational science, visualization), "Safe Computing", "Intellectual Property Issues in Software", NREN, "High-Performance Computing for Science", DOE HPCC program, Japan, telecommunications policy, Europe, K-12 math and science education, cyberspace.

Publishers include Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government; Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning; CSTB/NRC; GAO; HPCC agencies; OTA; Supercomputing Review.

38 1
Projects in Scientific Computing. PSC. 1991. 40 pages
38 2
SDSC, 1991
(1) Gather/Scatter. 1991 Jan-Feb and Mar-Apr
(2) Computational Science Advances at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. 1991
(3) SDSC Visualization Partners Program
38 3
Computers at Risk: Safe Computing in the Information Age. CSTB/NRC. 1991. 317 pages
38 4
Intellectual Property Issues in Software. CSTB/NRC. 1991. 125 pages
38 5
superquest: the North Carolina Connection -- Supercomputing. North Carolina Supercomputing Center. 1991. 51 pages
38 6
II. The Federal Perspective. Susan Fratkin. Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning. 1991 Jan-Feb. 6 pages
38 7
Interview: An Internet User -- Dan Masys [NLM]. In: NSF Network News. 1991 Feb. 10 pages (whole issue)
38 8
Science, Technology, and Congress: Expert Advice and the Decision-Making Process. Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government. 1991 Feb. 44 pages
38 9
White papers submitted for OTA workshop on "The Privatized NREN: Marketplace and Public Policy Issues". 1991 Feb 14 (workshop date)
38 11
Seeking Solutions: High-Performance Computing for Science -- Background Paper. OTA. 1991 Apr. 44 pages
38 12
Supercomputing workstations, et al. In: Supercomputing Review. 1991 Apr. 72 pages (whole issue)
38 13
The DOE Program Component of the Federal HPCC Program. DOE/OER. 1991 Jun. 46 pages
38 15
Selling Supercomputers in Japan, et al. In: Supercomputing Review. 1991 Jul. 80 pages (whole issue)
38 16
Forum Report: Towards Consensus on American Telecommunications Policy -- A Report on The Sixth Annual Aspen Conference on Telecommunications Policy -- advanced copy. RM Entman (Northwestern U.). 1991 Aug 4-8 (forum dates). 22 pages
38 17
High-Performance Computing: High-Speed Computer Networks in the United States, Europe, and Japan. GAO. 1991 Sep. 46 pages
38 18
In the National Interest: The Federal Government in the Reform of K-12 Math and Science Education. Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government. 1991 Sep. 76 pages
38 19
Technology and Economic Performance: Organizing the Executive Branch for a Stronger National Technology Base. Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government. 1991 Sep. 58 pages
38 20
Special Issue: Communications, Computers and Networks -- How to Work, Play and Thrive in Cyberspace. Scientific American. 1991 Sep. 138 pages (whole issue)
38 21
Science, Technology, and Congress: Analysis and Advice from the Congressional Support Agencies. Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government. 1991 Oct. 70 pages