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National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications Archives 1936-2017 (bulk 1980-2017)
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1980-1990 [subseries]:

About 90 individual items.

Topics include "Industry and the Universities", "Computing and Higher Education", telecommunications on college and university campuses, "Integrating Computing Throughout the Curriculum", higher education access to supercomputers, scientific computing, scientific data, "Government Information in Electronic Format", export control, HPC R&D strategy, supercomputer sites, Bush Administration, NREN, intellectual property, "Networking for Science", "Modeling Climate Changes", "Science and Technology in the Academic Enterprise", "High Speed Data Networks" and scientific research, Vannevar Bush, NSFNET.

Publishers include CASC, Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, CRA, EDUCOM, HPCC agencies, NAP, OTA, Supercomputing Review, print media.

Donated by Susan Fratkin (CASC).

37 8
Industry and the Universities: Developing Cooperative Research Relationships in the National Interest. National Commission on Research. 1980 Aug. 51 pages
37 9
Computing and Higher Education: an Accidental Revolution. RG Gillespie and DA Dicaro (both U. Washington). Supported by NSF Grant SED-7823790. 1981. 46 pages
37 12
Integrating Tech, 1984 Jan 24-1988 Apr
(1) Integrating Communication Technologies on College and University Campuses: The First National Conference on Critical Issues in Strategic Planning, Policy Development and Technology Management. 1984 Oct 9-10
(2) INSTITUTE The Expanding Role of Telecommunications in Higher Education. Co-sponsored by CAEL and the American Association for Higher Education Center for Learning and Telecommunications. August 6-10
(3) Academic Software for Higher Education: Road or Roadblock to Integrating Computing Throughout the Curriculum? SW Gilbert (EDUCOM). 1984 Nov 16. 15 pages
(4) A National Higher Education Network: Issues and Opportunities. EDUCOM NTTF. 1987 May. 19 pages
(5) Building the Network: Access Connectivity Technology Services. EDUCOM NTTF. 1988 April
37 13
Supercomputer centers, access, technology and competitiveness, 1984 Sep 24 - 1990 Apr
(1) Workshop on the issues of national supercomputer centers and universities. 5 pages
(2) Access to high performance computer resources for research. Report to OTA. Gillespie, Folkner & Associates. 1990 Apr 12. 36 pages
(3) Technology and Competitiveness: The New Policy Frontier. BR Inman and DF Burton Jr. Foreign Affairs. 1990 Spring
37 14
Access to Supercomputers. EI Holmstrom. Higher Education Panel Report Number 69, American Council on Education -- survey funded by NSF, ED, and NEH. 1986 Jan. 28 pages
37 15
Issues in Science and Technology. NAS. 1986 Winter. 144 pages. Includes NSF Director Erich Bloch on "Managing for Challenging Times: A National Research Strategy"
37 16
Supercomputers, 1986 Jan-Aug 21
(1) Research Activity in American Universities. AB Ashton and LL Leslie. NACUBO [National Association of College and University Business Officers] Business Officer. 1986 Jan. 4 pages
(2) Congress Persists in Approving Funds for Specific Universities. J Long. C&EN. 1986 Jan 20. 2 pages
(3) Computer Networking for Scientists. DM Jennings, LH Landweber, IH Fuchs, DJ Farber, WR Adrion. Science. 1986 Feb 28. 8 pages
(4) 'Supercomputer Famine' on University Campuses May Have Ended. JA Turner. The Chronicle of Higher Education. 1986 Apr 23. One page
(5) New Computing in Higher Education. SW Gilbert and KC Green. Change. 1986 May/Jun. 15 pages
(6) NSF Program Announcement: Connections to NSF's National Supercomputer Access Network - (NSFnet) Networking Program. One deadline is 1986 Jun 16. 4 pages
37 17
NSF and supercomputer centers, 1986 Sep 30-1987 Feb 15
(1) Preparing for Changing Scientific Computing Environments. Gordon Bell (NSF/CISE). 1986 Sep 30. 8 pages
(2) The N.S.F.'s Maverick Chief: Erich Bloch -- Pushing Ivory-Tower Scientists Into the High-Tech Race. JW Anderson. NYT. 1987 Feb 15. One page
(3) Network Offers Super Swap of Scientific Data: Supercomputer Site Links Help Push Back Horizons of Research Limits by Processing, Sharing Massive Data Files of U.S. Universities, Observatories, . . . . D Steinberg. PC Week. 1987 Feb 3. One page
37 18
Technology & U.S. Government Information Policies: Catalysts for New Partnerships -- Report of the Task Force on Government Information in Electronic Format. DK Gapen, N Cline, M Getz, J Loup, B von Wahlde. ARL. 1987 Oct. 33 pages
37 19
Global Trends in Computer Technology and Their Impact on Export Control. CSTB/NRC. NAP. 1988. 303 pages
37 20
Supercomputers, 1988 Oct 24-1989 Jan
(1) Thinking about buying a supercomputer? A Guide for university presidents and chancellors. NASULGC Higher Education and Technology Committee. 1989 Jan. 5 pages
(2) A brief analysis of the OSTP report "A Research and Development Strategy for High Performance Computing" with respect to the national network for higher education. [no date]. 5 pages
(3) A brief analysis of Senator Gore's bill (S.2918) -- National High-Performance Computer Technology Act of 1988 -- presented at EDUCOM/NTTF meeting. 1988 Oct 24. 14 pages
37 21
Networking and Communications Research: Program Announcement. NSF CISE Division of Networking and Communications Research and Infrastructure. 1989. 4 pages
37 22
NREN: The National Research and Education Network. Coalition for the National Research and Education Network. 1989. 16 pages
37 23
PSC on projects in scientific computing, academic consulting and training, high school initiative, PSC News, academic affiliates program, biomedical research program, coursework grants, training, documentation and help, software. 1989-1991. 78 pages
37 24
Academic Computing: Covering Computer Use in Higher Education. Academic Computing Publications Inc. 1989 Jan. 66 pages (whole issue)
37 25
Supercomputing Information, 1989 Feb 8-Sep 9
(1) U.S. Supercomputer Strategy Unveiled by State & Land-Grant Universities; Five-Point Plan Eyes U.S. Trade Competitiveness, Science Leadership for the 1990's. Contact: S. Fratkin, 1989 Feb 8, 6 pages
(2) C Bender (CASC) establishing CASC. 1989 March. One page
(3) America's Answer to Japan's MITI: A Pentagon agency has taken the lead in Washington's efforts to aid high-tech industries. A Pollack. NYT. 1989 Mar 5. 5 pages
(4) Supercomputers Snapped Up By State Campuses. R Buderi. The Scientist. 1989 Mar 6. 5 pages
(5) C Bender (CASC) to B Wulf (NSF) about the formation of CASC. 1989 Mar 10. 2 pages
(6) A Global Supercomputer Race for High Stakes. Science. 1989 Feb 24. 3 pages
(7) State Funded Computer Centers. [March 1989 (?)]
(8) Broad Support Seen for Incentives on New TV Technology. PT Kilborn. NYT. 1989 May 5. One page
(9) Sen. P Simon to colleagues forwarding NASULGC policy report "Supercomputing for the 1990's: A Shared Responsibility". 1989 May 8. 6 pages
(10) S.1001 "To establish policies and procedures necessary to develop, as a domestically based industry in the United States, a high definition television enterprise . . . .". Introduced by Sen. Al Gore Jr. on 1989 May 16. 4 pages
(11) FAR Council Releases Rules Covering Toshiba Purchases. RA Danca. Federal Computer Week. 1989 May 29. One page
(12) DEC, Thinking Machines Sign Supercomputer Research Pact. J Cox. Digital News. 1989 May 29. One page
(13) Library Officials Blast Information Access Plans. K Taylor. Federal Computer Week. 1989 May 29. One page
(14) Toshiba to Develop Computers Based on Sun Technology. A Pollack. NYT. 1989 May 30. One page
(15) Japan Ahead in Six Key Areas, DoD Says. C Duffy. Washington Technology. 1989 Jun 8. One page
(16) DARPA Awards HDTV Grants. C Duffy. Washington Technology. 1989 Jun 22. One page
(17) New Plan Bolsters Supercomputing. C Duffy. Washington Technology. 1989 Jun 22.
(18) Supercomputing Bill Gets Mixed Reviews. GH Anthes. Federal Computer Week. 1989 Jun 26. 2 pages
(19) Keeping Information Public. Federal Computer Week editorial. 1989 Jun 26. One page
(20) Proposed supercomputing network solicits new lightwave technology. S Salamone. Lightwave. 1989 Feb. One page
(21) Summary of SR 1067 [S.1067] National High-Performance Computer Technology Act of 1989, introduced 1989 May 18 by Sen. A Gore. DS Gale. 1989 Jul. One page
(22) Supercomputer Sites. [1989 Jul (?)]. 2 pages
(23) U.S. SuperCPU Efforts On Wrong Path: IEEE Unit. IEEE Briefs. 1989 Jul 3. One page
(24) Industry Eyes Supercomputer Network. C Duffy. Washington Technology. 1989 Jul 13. 2 pages
(25) Adapso Urges Congress to Act on [Computer] Viruses. S Kellam. Washington Technology. 1989 Jul 13. One page
(26) High-Speed Computer Introduced: Evans & Sutherland Challenges Cray and New Japanese Rivals. A Pollack. NYT. [no date]. One page
(27) supercomputer sites. 1989 Jul 14. 12 pages
(28) HDTV: Boon or boondoggle? JA Savage. Computerworld. 1989 Jul 17. Two pages
(29) U.S. Supercomputer Challenges - Coordinating Efforts to Keep the Lead at Home. S Fernbach and AK McAdams. IEEE United States Activities Supplement to The Institute. 1989 Aug. One page
(30) U.S. Debates Selling Supercomputers to 3 Nations. J Markoff with S Engelberg. NYT. 1989 Aug 20. One page
(31) Bush to Propose $2 Billion, High-Tech Initiative. E Richards. W. Post. 1989 Sep 7. 2 pages
(32) Bush Plan Would Aid Computing. J Markoff. NYT. 1989 Sep 8. 2 pages
(33) Speedy Cray May Slow Its Pace. J Markoff. NYT. 1989 Sep 9. 3 pages
37 26
CASC 1989
(1) The National Research and Education Network: A Policy Paper. EDUCOM NTTF. 1989 Mar. Working draft. 12 pages
(2) Policy Insights: From an Economic Analysis of Proposals for A National Research and Education Network. AK McAdams and T Vietorisz. [no date]. 4 pages
(3) Goals and Plan for NSF Supercomputer Centers FY 91-95. 1989 Mar 23. 31 pages
37 27
The National Research and Education Network: A Policy Paper. EDUCOM NTTF. 1989 Apr. 12 pages
37 28
Intellectual Property in the Information Age: Issues Beyond the Copyright Law. SW Gilbert and P Lyman. In: Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning. 1989 May-Jun. 56 pages (whole issue)
37 29
NSF Network News. NSF Network Service Center. 1989 Jul. 8 pages
37 30
Special Report: Super Graphics. In: Supercomputing Review. 1989 Aug. 82 pages (whole issue)
37 31
High Performance Computing & Networking for Science: Background Paper. OTA. 1989 Sep. 45 pages
37 32
Modeling Climate Changes. In: Supercomputing Review. 1989 Sep. 74 pages (whole issue)
37 33
Science and Technology in the Academic Enterprise: Status, Trends, and Issues -- A Discussion Paper. The Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable. NAS/NAE/IOM. NAP. 1989 Oct. 114 pages
37 34
Summary of Awards FY 1990. NSF CISE Division of Microelectronic Information Processing Systems. 80 pages
37 35
High Speed Data Networks Becoming Critical to Most Scientific Research. OTA Press Advisory. 1989 Oct 3. 2 pages
37 37
Vannevar Bush: Science -- The Endless Frontier -- A Report to the President on a Program for Postwar Scientific Research -- NSF 40th Anniversary 1950-1990. NSF. 1990. 225 pages
37 38
Connections to NSFNET: Program Announcement. NSF CISE Division of Networking and Communications Research and Infrastructure. NSF. 1990. 4 pages
37 39
Computers in Higher Education: The 1990's -- Current Usage, Responsibilities, and Purchasing Trends -- A Market Study by Globe Research Corporation. The Chronicle of Higher Education. 1990. 92 pages
37 40
The State of U.S. Science and Engineering: A View from the National Science Board. NSF. 1990 Feb. 6 pages
37 41
New Thinking and American Defense Technology. Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government. 1990 Aug. 32 pages