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National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications Archives 1936-2017 (bulk 1980-2017)
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HPCC Activities, 1976-1998; 2014 [subseries]:

HPCC-related activities at NASA. Topics overall include Centers (ARC, GSFC, JPL) and programs (CAS, ESS, IITA, RE&E).

42 20-44
Early NASA HPCC photos, initial NASA HPCC activities including applications, NREN (NASA Research and Engineering Network), what became the National HPCC Software Exchange (NHSE), etc., 1976-1992 Jul 14
43 1-44
ESS applications, ACTS Experiment, VR, NREN, supercomputing initiative, JNNIE, Grand Challenges workshop, Petaflops workshop, K-12 education workshop, etc., 1991 Jun 5-1994 Mar 24
44 1-52
ACTS Experiment, NREN, Digital Library project, IITA K-12 project, NHSE, EOSDIS, Information Power Grid, etc., 1994 Mar 28-1996 Sep 5
45 1-40
Science Team, NREN, NHSE, Beowulf, ESMF, NGI, PetaFlops systems, Information Power Grid, etc., 1996 Sep 11-1998 Jul
46 1-38
PetaFlops-systems, PITAC, Beowulf, ESMF, etc., 1998 Aug 13-2005 Jul 22
46 39-49
Videos: Earth and space, peta(FL)OPS, CAVE, space vehicle simulation, NASA HPCC projects, etc., 1994 Feb 22-2002 Nov 18-22
47 1-15
Monthly and quarterly reports, MPP, etc., 1989-1998
Map Drawer 25 1
Mission-Driven Climate Computing at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Poster. JR Fischer, design, and L Graham, graphical artist. NASA/GSFC, 2014