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National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications Archives 1936-2017 (bulk 1980-2017)
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Series 9: President's IT Advisory Committee (PITAC) Activities and Publications and PCAST Publications, 1992-2010 [series]:

The High-Performance Computing Act of 1991 authorizes "an advisory committee on high-performance computing consisting of non-Federal members, including representatives from the research, education, and library communities, network providers, and industry, who are specially qualified to advise the Director [of OSTP] with advice and information on high-performance computing." It was to provide an independent assessment of Program progress, need for revision, balance among Program components, and whether the Program's R&D "is helping maintain United States leadership in computing technology". Its recommendations were to be "considered in reviewing and revising the Program." The Presidential Advisory Committee on HPCCITNGI (PAC-HPCCITNGI) was established and held its first meeting in February 1997, and subsequently met about three times a year. In 1998 its name was shortened to President's IT Advisory Committee (PITAC). The Next Generation Internet Research Act of 1998 authorized the PITAC to review the HPCC Program's NGI initiative. In 2005 President George W. Bush assigned the responsibilities of the PITAC to the PCAST.

Includes materials for and from PITAC meetings and PITAC and PCAST reports.

Items in cartons 39 and 40 were donated by Susan Fratkin (CASC).

9 9
Renewing the Promise: Research-Intensive Universities and the Nation. PCAST. 1992 Dec. 65 pages. HPCC 110
9 11
High Performance Computing and Communications Panel Report. PCAST. 1992 Dec. 9 pages. HPCC 106
9 12
Technology and the American Standard of Living. PCAST. 1992 Dec. 8 pages. HPCC 113
9 13
Science, Technology, and National Security. PCAST. 1992 Dec. 21 pages. HPCC 114
9 14
Megaprojects in the Sciences. PCAST. 1992 Dec. 41 pages. HPCC 115
9 15
Learning to Meet the Science and Technology Challenge. PCAST. 1992 Dec. 57 pages. HPCC 116
9 16
Achieving the Promise of the Bioscience Revolution: The Role of the Federal Government. PCAST. 1992 Dec. 16 pages. HPCC 117
28 16
Establishment, first meeting, NGI review, HEC, 1997 [subseries]:
(1) Executive Order establishing HPCCITNGI Advisory Committee
(2) Co-chairs B Joy and K Kennedy; members E Benhamou, V Cerf, C-c Chen, D Cooper, SD Dorfman, R Ewald, DJ Farber, SS Fuller, H Garcia-Molina, SL Graham, JN Gray, WD Hillis, DC Nagel, R Reddy, EH Shortliffe, L Smarr, L Vadasz, AJ Viterbi, SJ Wallach
(3) Charter
(4) meetings on 1997 Feb 27-28 (first meeting) and 1997 Dec 9-10
28 17
NGI Subcommittee -- DAB Lindberg (NLM) presentation; NIST, NASA, NSF, DOE, DARPA/ITO, and DARPA/ISO briefings; Initial Report to the President: Recommendations on NGI Initiative; Broad-Based Subcommittee meeting, 1997
39 45
Meeting materials, etc., 1997 Feb 27-Jun 24 [subseries]:
(1) 1997 Feb 27-28 meeting minutes. 14 pages
(2) Initial review of the plans for the NGI: Letter report from W Joy and K Kennedy, Advisory Committee co-chairs, to JH Gibbons (OSTP). 1997 May 30. 2 pages
(3) Networking Initiatives -- overview. SURA. 1997 Jun 24. 2 pages
(4) HECC Strategic Plan Overview -- Information for Presidential Advisory Committee. L Holcomb (NASA) and PH Smith (DOE), Co-Chairs, High End Computing and Computation Working Group. 1997 Jun 24. 10 pages
39 51
Meeting materials, etc., 1998 Mar 11 [subseries]:
(1) High End Subcommittee Status Report
(2) Broad-Based Subcommittee
(3) White House press releases about membership
(4) LSN/NGI update
29 6
PITAC Interim Report to the President. NCO/CIC. 1998 Aug. 68 pages
30 6
Information Technology Research: Investing in Our Future. PITAC Report to the President. 1999 Feb. 89 pages
39 63
PITAC Final Report -- Fact Sheet. 1999 Feb 24 (?). 2 pages
31 10
PITAC NGI Review -- NIH binder. 2000 Jan 14
31 4
Resolving the Digital Divide: Information, Access, and Opportunity -- Conference Report. PITAC in association with Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies and Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. 2000 Feb. 24 pages
31 8
Transforming Access to Government Through Information Technology -- Report to the President. PITAC. NCO/ITRD. 2000 Sep. 30 pages
39 77
Recommendations of the Panel on Open Source Software For High End Computing. L Smarr and S Graham, Co-Chairs. Includes PITAC Co-Chairs R Reddy and I Wladawsky-Berger transmittal letter to President Clinton. Prepublication copy. 2000 Sep 11. 13 pages
31 9
Developing Open Source Software to Advance High End Computing -- Report to the President. PITAC. NCO/ITRD. 2000 Oct. 26 pages
31 15
Digital Libraries: Universal Access to Human Knowledge -- Report to the President. PITAC. NCO/ITRD. 2001 Feb. 28 pages
31 16
Transforming Health Care Through Information Technology -- Report to the President. PITAC. NCO/ITRD. 2001 Feb. 31 pages
31 17
Using Information Technology to Transform the Way We Learn -- Report to the President. PITAC. NCO/ITRD. 2001 Feb. 43 pages
32 8
Revolutionizing Health Care Through Information Technology -- Report to the President. PITAC. NCO/ITRD. 2004 Jun. 55 pages
40 18
PITAC meeting materials and PITAC brochure. 2004 Jun 17
40 21
Meeting materials, 2004 Nov 4 [subseries]:
(1) D Marburger (OSTP) to MR Benioff (Salesforce and PITAC co-chair) with computational science questions he'd like PITAC to address in the NITRD context. 2004 Jun 9. 2 pages
(2) Computational Science Subcommittee: Preliminary Observations. DA Reed, chair. 2004 Nov 4. 23 pages
48 12
Cyber Security: A Crisis of Prioritization -- Report to the President. PITAC. NCO/ITRD. 2005 Feb. 68 pages
40 27
Computational Science: Ensuring America's Competitiveness -- Report to the President. PITAC. NCO/ITRD. 2005 Jun. 115 pages
34 9
Leadership Under Challenge: Information Technology R&D in a Competitive World -- An Assessment of the Federal Networking and Information Technology R&D Program. PCAST. NCO/NITRD. 2007 Aug. 69 pages
40 39
Priorities for Personalized Medicine. PCAST. 2008 Sep. 71 pages
34 14
Designing a Digital Future: Federally Funded Research and Development in Networking and Information Technology -- PCAST Report to the President and Congress. EOP and PCAST. 2010 Dec. 142 pages
34 15
Realizing the Full Potential of Health Information Technology to Improve Healthcare for Americans: The Path Forward -- PCAST Report to the President and Congress. EOP and PCAST. 2010 Dec. 101 pages