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National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications Archives 1936-2017 (bulk 1980-2017)
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Series 7: Subject Files, Presentations, Press, 1965-2015 [series]:

Documentation covering the day-to-day activities of the HPCC Program and the NCO/HPCC. High-performance computing and communications activities including HPCC agency activities and interactions with universities, corporations, professional associations, and foreign organizations, etc.

4 46
Access to supercomputers, NSF supercomputer centers, etc., 1965-1986
4 49
NSF supercomputer centers, human genome, etc., 1987-1988
4 50
Library automation systems, information technology and undergraduate medical education, medical informatics, human genome, etc., 1989
5 15
Al Gore on "Networking the Future", etc., 1990
6 21
RCI including DAB Lindberg talk, results of HPCC Initiative survey, 1991-1993
6 24
Distribution of FY 1992 HPCC "Blue Book" to NLM community, NSFNET Connections program demo that DAB Lindberg attended, CSPP meetings with NSF, DOE, and NIH/NLM re HPCC "Human Resources and Training", etc., 1991 Jan-Jun
7 2
HPCC and NLM 2000: The Next Generation Systems, NLM "Learning Resource Center", NLM Planning Panel on Toxicology and the Environment, IOM, press release for NLM's Visible Human Project, etc., 1991 Jul-Sep
7 4
NLM "DIRLINE: Directory of Information Resources Online", NIH biomaterials crosscut program, Grateful Med, WAIS, NSF Connections Program and NLM, etc., 1991 Oct-Dec
9 25
DAB Lindberg's materials for HPCC talks, 1992
9 26
Gigabit Testbeds (including CNRI, AURORA, BLANCA, CASA, Nectar, reports), etc., 1992-1994
9 29
Visible Human Project, NREN, CSPP, InterNIC, print media coverage on IT issues et al, etc., 1992-1993
9 30
NSFNET and NREN, CNI, etc., 1992 Jan-Mar
9 31
FCCSET activities, DOE/ORNL acquires Intel Paragon, print media coverage, DAB Lindberg on medical information systems of the future, etc., 1992 Apr-Jul
10 1
DAB Lindberg named Director of new NCO/HPCC, letters & media coverage, copyright, etc., 1992 Aug
10 2
NSF NAP and vBNS and NREN, NREN and copyright, FCCSET/STI, Energy Department Selects Six "Grand Challenge" Super Computing Research Projects, CNI, OCLC and Internet and NREN, print media coverage, etc., 1992 Aug
10 4
HPCC Software Exchange, Gigabit networks, Internet Society, "Technology: The Engine of Economic Growth -- A National Technology Policy for America" -- Clinton/Gore campaign (1992 Sep 21), print media coverage, etc., 1992 Sep
10 6
Incoming Clinton Administration, etc., 1992 Oct-Dec
11 3
Grateful Med, public interactions, VR for surgery, NSF Metacenter -- 1992 Nov 16 press release, Internet services (Archie, Gopher, etc.), DAB Lindberg 1992 HPCC presentations, print media coverage, etc., 1992 Oct-Dec
15 2
NSFNET, Federal Computer Week's Federal 100 awards recognize DAB Lindberg, etc., 1993 Jun 5
15 3
DAB Lindberg's favorite images used in HPCC talks, NLM to award Internet connections grants for a second year, etc., 1993 Jan
15 4
DAB Lindberg gives keynote on "Grand Challenges in Medical Computing" keynote at dedication of the Arizona Health Sciences Library and Learning Resources Center in Tucson, etc., 1993 Feb
15 5
DAB Lindberg gives Annual Dainton Lecture "High Performance Libraries" at the British Library, 1993 Mar 20
15 6
DAB Lindberg talks et al: (1) health care information infrastructure, (2) availability and access to government information, (3) VistaNet gigabit testbed site visit, (4) "This doctor has a prescription for supercomputing"; NSFNET; etc., 1993 Mar
16 3
CSPP on IT's contribution to healthcare reform; copyright, information services, and the NREN; Clinton/Gore administration; key escrow; DAB Lindberg "HPCC: The Medical Connection"; Internet named Landmark Technology of 1992; etc., 1993 Apr
16 4
Technological Strategies for Protecting Intellectual Property in the Networked Multimedia Environment, workshop at the JFK School of Government, Harvard U., 1993 Apr 2-3
18 3
Transfer of GenBank Submission Processing from DOE to NCBI, 1993 Apr-Oct; 1988
16 5
NLM Locator introduced, NII, Grand Challenges workshop, print media coverage, etc., 1993 May
17 1
Coordinating Federal Health Care -- DoD, IHS, VA workshop; "The Rocky Road to a Data Highway" (Science magazine), including re NSFNET, Internet, NREN, NII, Visible Human Project; DAB Lindberg on the HPCC Program; NII Task Force; etc., 1993 May
17 2
IMIA Working Conference on the Healthcare Professional Workstation (DAB Lindberg gave keynote), 1993 Jun 14-16
17 3
Internet FAQs: A Primer for Federal Librarians, CSPP, NLM Medical Informatics Course, Canada's SuperJANET network and Canadian MEDLARS, Annual Meeting on Medical Informatics Research Training, economics and pricing of the Internet, etc., 1993 Jun
17 4
DAB Lindberg public events at: (1) Healthcare Panel at 3Com's NII Roundtable at InterOp, and (2) Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility; HIV/AIDS Information Services sponsored by NLM and NIH/Office of AIDS Research; etc., 1993 Jun
17 5
U.S. House of Representatives holds first hearing ever over a computer network; DAB Lindberg on "Medical Informatics" and "Information: an interconnected world"; NSFNET; etc., 1993 Jul
17 6
DAB Lindberg participates in panel at CRS seminar "Telemedicine: A Vehicle for Expanding Access to Health Care", K Kennedy (CRPC) reaction to CBO "Promoting High Performance Computing and Communications" report, etc., 1993 Aug
18 1
3rd Annual Foreign Acquisitions Workshop, including DAB Lindberg's keynote "Improving Access to Foreign Gray Literature", 1993 Aug 21-23
18 2
DAB Lindberg: (1) on HPCCI & the NII at Montgomery County [Maryland] High Technology Council, (2) HPCC: Toward a NII; NLM and NCO/HPCC: "Does Telemedicine need more than standard phone lines?"; the public library and the NII; etc., 1993 Sep
18 4
WAIS and Gopher; "research mode" hurricane model projects path of Hurricane Emily better than operational model, and is used in operational forecasting; DAB Lindberg on HPCC: Toward a NII; etc., 1993 Oct
18 5
CSTB "The Changing Nature of Telecommunications / Information Infrastructure" workshop, W. Post: "SEC Plans Computer Access to Business Filings" funded by NSF grant that "sprang from an unsolicited application" per S Wolff (NSF), etc., 1993 Oct
18 6
DAB Lindberg on "Overview of the Government Initiatives to Develop Virtual Reality"; etc. , 1993 Nov
19 1
FNC/FNCAC; WWW, Mosaic, WAIS; electronic journals; NLM-sponsored "Image Database Commonalities" workshop; Executive Order 12881 establishing the NSTC, Executive Order 12882 establishing the PCAST; etc., 1993 Nov
19 2
HPCC FACTS: (1) research funding opportunities, (2) information on the Internet; HPC and Networking conference; XIWT established; Vice President Gore on the information highway and telecommunications, including medical applications; etc., 1993 Dec
22 1-2
NCO/HPCC Mosaic home page; White House NII documents in electronic form; VP Gore proposes "National Telecommunications Reform: Bring the Information Revolution to Every Classroom, Hospital, and Library" by 2000; health care reform and the NII; etc., 1994
22 4-5
EOP/OSTP forum on world leadership in basic science, mathematics, and engineering; NLM "a model for government action in information"; NSFnet begins high-speed network architecture "to accommodate both 'cutting edge' and 'commodity users'"; etc., 1994 Feb
22 7-8
Reinventing Government, ARPA Computing Systems Technology Office HPCC Symposium, etc., 1994 Mar
23 1-2
NLM Fact Sheet: Healthcare Informatics and Telemedicine (including about HPCC at NLM); NIST/ATP "Information Infrastructure for Healthcare" program; Internet shopping; DAB Lindberg visits Aurora Gigabit Network Testbed; etc., 1994 Apr
23 3
"Newest and largest supercomputer simulation of the universe agrees so well with astronomical observations . . ." -- NCSA-led simulation funded by NASA and NSF, 1994 May
23 5
12 NLM HPCC Healthcare Applications research contracts; DAB Lindberg on HPCC and the NII at "Building a National Health Information Infrastructure: The Role of HPCC" symposium; NLM Resources Available on the Internet; etc., 1994 May
23 6
NII security; NOAA Climate and Global Change Program announcement; DOE "Cooperative Agreement to Ease Industry Transition to Parallel Supercomputers"; DAB Lindberg on HPCC Program at First Congress on Computing in Civil Engineering; etc., 1994 Jun
23 7-8
DAB Lindberg on "Medical Informatics: The National Perspective" at "Information Technology in the American Medical Center" seminar; IITF; etc., 1994 Jul
24 1-2
Telemedicine policy for the NII conference; NASA "Public Use Of Earth And Space Science Data Over The Internet"; etc., 1994 Aug
24 3-4
NASA/USUHS Telemedicine "Remote Health Care and Disaster Response" conference; HPCC FACTS: (1) telemedicine and digital libraries, (2) research funding opportunities; etc., 1994 Sep
24 6
"Evolving the National Information Infrastructure: A Symposium for Government and Industry", etc., 1994 Oct
25 2-3
Supercomputing '94; NCO Mosaic home page; Visible Human; DAB Lindberg on (1) the HPCC vision at NII and health care conference, (2) "Medicine Wagon on the Electronic Highway"; NASA HPCC/IITA Internet public access grants et al; etc., 1994 Nov
25 4
World Wide Web, Mosaic and NIH; NLM/AHCPR vocabularies for computer-based patient records workshop; Government Information Locator Service; DAB Lindberg on national HPC initiatives at EPA-sponsored Computing in Environmental Management Conference; etc., 1994 Dec
26 1-2
Library of Congress introduces THOMAS for public on-line access to Congressional information; DAB Lindberg steps down as NCO/HPCC Director; NSF pilots FastLane; DAB Lindberg talk at Medicine Meets Virtual Reality III workshop; etc., 1995
26 3
CSTB/NRC "Evolving the HPCC Initiative" report, DAB Lindberg HPCC presentation materials, ARPA-sponsored Research Fellowships in HPC, etc., 1995 Feb
26 4
Visible Human Project, NSTC on national security, copyright and intellectual property rights, etc., 1995 Mar
26 5
"Making a Powerful Connection: the Health of the Public and the National Information Infrastructure" conference sponsored by NLM, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, CDC, and AHCPR, and held at NLM, etc., 1994 Sep 1-1995 Apr 19
26 6
NSF/ARPA/NASA digital libraries research awards to Stanford (single integrated library), U. Michigan (earth and space science), Alexandria (spatial data), U. Illinois (engineering), CMU (video), UC Berkeley (environment); NLM TOXNET databases; etc., 1995 Apr
26 7
Honoring DAB Lindberg as he steps down as NCO Director, etc., 1995 May-Jun
26 8
NSTC/CIC [Committee on Information and Communications] (HPCCIT successor) "America in the Age of Information: A Forum on Federal Information and Communications R&D"; telemedicine . . ., 1995 Jul
27 1
Western Governors Association "Telemedicine Action Report"; White House Technology Briefing; Visible Human Project; etc., 1995 Aug-Dec
27 16
DAB Lindberg on medicine in an electronic world, medicine and the NII, medical issues in digital libraries; telemedicine; NLM Medical Informatics Research Training [grant] Programs; NLM solicits health applications for the NII (Series 7); etc., 1996 Jan-May
28 1
DAB Lindberg (NLM) on "Information Exchange and Management in Future Health Care Delivery", etc., 1996 Jun-Sep
28 2
Telemedicine; Visible Human Project; impact of the NII on health care, public health, and research; DAB Lindberg on IT and healthcare at Supercomputing '96; etc., 1996 Oct-Dec
29 2
LSN/NGI workshop, NGI, Visible Human Project, Congressional Ad Hoc Steering Committee on Telehealth (throughout 1997) . . ., 1997 Jan-Mar
29 3
Visible Human Project, telemedicine, NGI, NASA Research and Education Network workshop, etc., 1997 Apr-Sep
29 4
NGI, Internet II, and vBNS and their implications for health care; NGI; etc., 1997 Oct-Dec
29 10
NSF's Knowledge and Distributed Information (KDI) program; NGI; telemedicine; connecting hospitals et al to the Internet; critical infrastructure protection; Netamorphosis demonstrations; High Confidence Systems Research Agenda workshop; etc., 1998 Jan-Mar
30 1
HHS Data Council: reports to Vice President Gore on HHS efforts to promote health care applications of the NII, covering health data standards, privacy, telemedicine) and on enhanced health information for consumers . . . ., 1996 Mar-1998 Mar
30 2
DARPA NGI awards, NLM connectivity to NSF vBNS, etc., 1998 Apr-Jun
30 4
NGI Congressional briefing, DOE/NSF advanced scientific computation workshop, etc., 1998 Jul-Sep
30 5
NLM National Telemedicine Initiative Reverse Site Visit, NGI, etc., 1998 Oct-Dec
30 10
"The Information Technology for the 21st Century Act of 1999" bill, etc., 1999 Jan-Mar
31 1
Investments in innovation in IT, Digital Libraries Initiative Phase 2, etc., 1999 Apr-Jun
31 2
NASA/ARC "Bridging the Gap from Networking Technologies to Applications" workshop report, etc., 1999 Jul-Sep
31 3
PITAC Interim NGI Review, NLM on healthcare and the NII, Visible Human Project, etc., 1999 Oct-Dec
31 11
Visible Human Project; hearing on S.2046 (2000 Mar 1); PITAC Panel on Transforming the Practice of Health Care, including presentations by DAB Lindberg (NLM); S.2046 hearing on NGI; etc., 2000
31 20
Telemedicine; NLM exhibition on the telegraph and the Internet; health information on the Internet; Senate hearing on consumers, health care, and technology; end-to-end network performance; etc., 2001
32 4
Visible Human Project; demos for Senate Steering Committee on Telehealth and Healthcare Informatics; DAB Lindberg on biomedical informatics; NLM that advanced computer networks can help improve health care delivery; etc., 2002
32 6
High End Computing Revitalization Task Force called for in President's FY 2004 budget, HHS conference on a National Health Information Infrastructure, NLM/NGI Reverse Site Visit, etc., 2003
32 10
Creation of National Health Information Technology Coordinator, National Coordinator's report on health IT, celebrating DAB Lindberg's 20th anniversary at NLM (at Library of Congress), etc., 2004
32 11
Commission on Systematic Interoperability to develop a strategy for adopting and implementing health care IT standards, authorized in PL 108-173, the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003, 2004 Jul-2005 Oct
33 3-16
Transcripts from NITRD and PITAC meetings and from HCMDSS workshop, 2005
33 17-20
Transcripts from NITRD Workshop on Interoperability of Software (WINS) planning meeting and PCAST Subcommittee on Networking and IT meetings, 2006
34 1-4
Transcripts from NITRD meetings, PCAST Subcommittee on Networking and IT meetings, etc., 2006 Oct 31-Dec 14
34 16
PCAST Networking and IT Subcommittee, NLM experimental collaboration on a biomedical data archive and associated journal, Composable and Systems Technologies for High Confidence Cyber Physical Systems workshop, etc., 2005-2009
34 17-19
NCO/HPCC, 1992-1994
35 1-5
NCO/HPCC, 1995-2007
36 26
GAO on interoperability of DoD and VA electronic health record systems, 2001-2013
36 27
Bayesian methods in clinical trials, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, IT research challenges for healthcare, etc., 2006-2009
36 28
NITRD Health IT R&D (HITRD) Senior Steering Group (DAB Lindberg co-chaired), etc., 2010
37 1
NSF Advisory Committee on Cyberinfrastructure Task Force on Data and Visualization; "Big Data" at NITRD, in biomedical research, Obama big data initiative, 2010 Dec 3-2012 Mar 29
37 2
NITRD HITRD Health IT Innovation and Development Environment (HITIDE), 2011
37 3-4
NITRD HITRD and HITIDE; Todd Park (HHS CTO) "Unleashing the Power of Open Data to Improve Health"; OECD-NSF workshop on smarter health and wellness; Using IBM's Watson to Make Smarter Humanitarian Decisions -- symposium; etc., 2011
37 5-6
NITRD HITRD and HITIDE including "identity management" and "patient discovery", 2012
37 7
NITRD HITRD, etc., 2013-2015