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National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications Archives 1936-2017 (bulk 1980-2017)
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Series 6: HPCCIT Subcommittee, HPCCIT Executive Committee, Subordinate Groups Meetings and Activities, 1984-2002 [series]:

The members of the HPCCIT Subcommittee and its successors are representatives from HPCC Program agencies, OMB, OSTP, and the NCO/HPCC. The NCO director chaired the HPCCIT until 1999. The successors to the HPCCIT are the CIC then CCIC, ITRD, and NITRD. The HPCCIT initially met monthly, then less frequently beginning in the late 1990s as HPCCIT working groups and interagency coordination groups met monthly.

4 47
FCCSET report on supercomputer training, 1984
5 2
CPMES, FCCSET, FNC, HPC, NREN, grand challenges, 1989-1990
5 11-13
CPMES, FCCSET, FNC, HPC Initiative, HPC evaluation criteria, 1990
6 23
HPCCIT Subcommittee, NREN, HPCC management, NLM and NIH participation in HPCC activities, NLM BOR and HPCC, 1991 Jan-Jun
6 25
HPCC Education activities including FCCSET-HPCC Working Group for Education, 1991 Aug-1993 Jul
7 1
HPCCIT meetings and activities, FCCSET (including biotechnology crosscut), NIH and NLM HPCC participation, HPCC budget, HPCC implementation plan, CPMES, 1991 Jul-Sep
7 3
HPCCIT briefing to OMB and Q&A, NLM HPCC projects, medically-related Grand Challenges for HPCC Blue Book, HPCC in NIH strategic plan, NIH text for Blue Book, 1991 Oct-Dec
9 28
HPCCIT including proposed creation of a HPCC Coordination Office, 1992 Jan-Jul
9 32
1992 Aug 19 OSTP announcement of the establishment of the NCO/HPCC and that DAB Lindberg has been appointed its first Director effective 1992 Sep 1, FNC and NREN, HPCC Implementation Plan, CPMES, HPCCIT charter, etc., 1992 Aug
10 3
FNC and NREN, Report on the NREN Program required by the HPC Act of 1991, Strategic Plan for the Placement of Large Scale High Performance Computers with a Purchase Price Over $5 Million Using HPCC Funds, FCCSET-HPCCIT Task Group on Education, 1992 Sep
10 5
HPCCIT Virtual Reality Task Group, etc., 1992 Oct-Dec
10 7
National Research and Education Network: A Report to Congress -- in response to a requirement of the High Performance Computing Act of 1991. OSTP. 1992 Dec., 1992 Oct-Dec
11 2
IITA, NREN, etc., 1992 Oct-Dec
11 4
HPCC Software Exchange, 1992 Nov 16-30
14 3
NREN, NII, S.4, technology transfer, HPCC lessons learned and achievements so far, new IITA component of HPCC Program, etc., 1993 Jan-Jun
14 4
Agency HPCC activities, IITF, etc., 1993 Jul-Sep
14 5
Open discussion with computer industry technical directors, etc., 1993 Oct-Nov
15 1
IITA, etc., 1993 Dec
20 28
NSTC/CIC (Committee on Information and Communications -- successors to HPCCIT Subcommittee) Strategic Implementation Plan, etc., 1994
21 1
IITA, HPCCIT Subcommittee Dialogues with (1) Telecommunications Industry and (2) Software Developers, Implementation Plan, etc., 1994 Jan-Feb
21 2
DAB Lindberg's HPCC lessons learned, Workshop on Enabling Technologies for Peta(FL)OPS Computing Systems (held 1994 Feb 22-24), etc., 1994 Mar
21 3
HPCCIT Subcommittee Dialogues with Non-Federal and Federal Computer Center Directors, international interactions, Supercomputing '94, NCO Internet server usage statistics, etc., 1994 Apr-Dec
22 3
Final Report of NCO/HPCC Grants Associate J Turkkan -- project goal was to develop a database of HPCC grants, contracts, and other research awards, 1994 Feb 28
23 4
Virtual Reality Technology: Report of the HPCC Task Force on Virtual Reality, 1993 Aug 2-1994 May 27
24 5
Mass Storage Briefings, held at NCO/HPCC, 1994 Oct 25-27
25 1
GAO report "High Performance Computing and Communications: New Program Direction Would Benefit From a More Focused Effort", 1993 May 28-1994 Nov 10
25 29-31
DAB Lindberg steps down as NCO Director, letter from Vice President Gore to Lindberg; HPCCIT Computing Systems Briefings, 1995
27 14
HPCCIT strategic planning; CIC becomes CCIC (Committee on Computing, Information, and Communications) -- next successor to HPCCIT Subcommittee; CCIC's Applications Council; CCIC Program Component Areas (PCAs), 1996 Jan-Sep
27 15
CCIC's Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, 1996 Oct-Dec
29 1
NGI, digital libraries, President's FY 1998 budget states that in FY 1996, the HPCC Program "achieved sustained multidisciplinary application speeds never before reached by any NASA application.", 1997
29 9
Critical infrastructure protection, high confidence systems research agenda, 1998
30 9
NGI, IT**2, PCAs, etc., 1999
35 7-17
S&ECWG (Science and Engineering Computing Working Group) (donated by JR Fischer (NASA), S&ECWG Executive Secretary), 1995 Jan 10-1996 Jul 15
35 18-41
HECCWG (High End Computing and Computation Working Group, successor to S&ECWG) (donated by JR Fischer (NASA), HECCWG Executive Secretary), 1996 Jul 15-1997 Dec 16
36 1-25
HECCWG (donated by JR Fischer (NASA), HECCWG Executive Secretary), 1998 Jan 8-2002 Jul 3