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National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications Archives 1936-2017 (bulk 1980-2017)
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Series 1: DAB Lindberg's HPCC Articles, 1936-1994; undated [series]:

The 270 items about medicine and computing that NLM Director DAB Lindberg brought from his NLM office to his NCO/HPCC office when the NCO was established in September 1992.

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DOC#1-20, 1963-1992; undated

Patient identification, DAB Lindberg et al on the medical engineering interface, communications satellites in health education, MEDLARS services, computerized bibliographic searches of medical literature, electronic publishing, information systems for the medical sciences, image storage and retrieval, etc.

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DOC#21-40, 1961-1988; undated

Patient management, clinical decision making, etc.

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DOC#41-70, 1959-1989; undated

Knowledge representation, computer networks, information-sharing systems, search and retrieval, machine translation, continuing medical education, computers in medicine, medical informatics education, etc.

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DOC#71-110, 1936-1988; undated

Telecommunications, decision analytics, data security, fuzzy logic, computerized medical records, hospital information systems, medical writing, etc.

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DOC#111-150, 1954-1992; undated

AI/RHEUM, biomedical education, 1950s-1970s materials about NLM, medical informatics, clinical decision making, DxPlain, AI in medicine, Human Genome, health communications, querying MEDLINE over the Internet, electronic radiography, etc.

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DOC#151-170, 1962-1991; undated

International health, DeBakey work, searching MEDLINE, data for nurses, NREN, accessing full-text medical information, etc.

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DOC#171-230, 1953-1994; undated

Deacidified paper, DeBakey on medical libraries, supercomputers and AI, automated vocabulary mapping, natural language search, physician attitudes, broadband, data collection, Bayes' Rule, library of the future, etc.

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DOC#231-250, 1969-1991; undated

Expert system, AI in information retrieval systems, machine intelligence vs. machine-aided intelligence in information retrieval, Kanji characters, CAT scans, MPPs, search and dissemination, etc.

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DOC#251-270, 1970-1985; undated

Knowledge organization, Bayesian probability, expert diagnosis, effectiveness of full-text document retrieval system, ethical and legal issues, etc.