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History of Nursing and Domestic Violence Collection 1975-2007
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Campbell, Jacquelyn C. [subseries]:
3 29
Untitled [35mm slides], 1994
3 30
"Adolescent 'dating' violence - the forgotten face of youth violence [35mm slides], undated
3 31
"Adult response to violence" [35mm slides], 1992
4 1
"Antidepressant therapy and clinical experience with effexor (venlafaxine HCL)" [35mm slides], 1994
4 2
Domestic violence presentation [35mm slides], 1994
4 3
"Domestic violence against chronic neurological patients" [35mm slides], undated
4 4
"Evaluation of a system change team training model to improve emergency department response to domestic violence" [35mm slides], undated
4 5
"Feminism and nursing: historical perspectives" [35mm slides], [1953], 1993
4 6
"The identification of battered women in emergency departments - methodologic considerations" [35mm slides], undated
4 7
"Indicators of potential or actual wife abuse from history" [35mm slides], undated
4 8
"The influence of abuse on pregnancy intention" [35mm slides], 1994
4 9
"Interconnections of domestic violence and sexual abuse: increased risk, increased rage" [35mm slides], 1993-1997
4 10
"Lethality, assessment and intervention for battered women and their children: from a nursing perspective" [35mm slides], 1998
4 11
"Mandatory reporting of domestic violence injuries to the police" [35mm slides], undated
4 12
"Med-Chi - faculty of Maryland" [35mm slides], 1994
4 13
"Physical and mental health consequences of domestic violence for survivors" [35mm slides], 1994-1997
5 1
"Promise and perils of surveillance in addressing violence against women" [35mm slides], undated
5 2
"Safety planning based on lethality assessment" [35mm slides], 1995-1997
5 3
"Wife battering - cultural contexts vs. western social sciences" [35mm slides], 1991-1994
5 4
"Women's responses to battering - a contextual and longitudinal analysis" [35mm slides], undated
5 5
"Women's responses to battering: a feminist program of research" [35mm slides], undated