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John Barlow Youmans Papers 1919-1971
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Series 17: Notes, 1893-1916 [series]:
16 16
re Medical Milk Commission, XVII International Congress, N.J. Council of Pediatric Workers, protein & indigestion, and miscellaneous, c.1913
16 17
re Essex District Medical Society, N.J. State Pediatric Society, Panama-Pacific Exposition, dietary recommendations, infant diseases, personal accounting, daily schedule, and miscellaneous, 1905-1915
16 18
re sleep, bedside medication (speech), Babies' Hospital, clean milk, and miscellaneous, 1896-1900
16 19
re cream content of milk, nursery science, infant diets, and miscellaneous, c.1898
17 1
re diarrhea in infants, pasteurization, Mt. Saranac, milk certification, tubercular testing of cows, and miscellaneous, 1906-1916
17 2
re functional disorder of the liver, turmors of the intestine, hydropneumothorax, inflammation of the pleura, emphysema, bronchitis, pneumonia, and miscellaneous, undated
17 3
re infant feeding, milk certification, Halsey St. M.E. Church activities, and miscellaneous, 1894-1908
17 4
re safe milk, types of fathers, Babies' Hospital, infant nutrition, Coit genealogy, and miscellaneous, 1903-1911
17 5
re Babies' Hospital, milk certification, infant nutrition, Halsey St. M.E. Church activities, and miscellaneous, 1905-1916
17 6
re infant nutrition, prescriptions, Babies' Hospital training school lectures, and miscellaneous, 1893-1908
17 7
re daily schedule, and miscellaneous, 1893, 1915
17 8
re milk certification, and miscellaneous, 1916
17 9
re milk certification, cleanliness, disease symptoms, diagnoses, and miscellaneous, 1904-1909
17 10
re Babies' Hospital, prescriptions, infant care & hygiene, care of dairy cows, "the spoiled child," roentgenograms & kinematography of stomach, and miscellaneous, 1890-1909
17 11
re sterilization & pasteurization of milk, infant feeding & nutrition, and miscellaneous, 1894-1911
18 1
re milk dispensaries, "the nursery milk refiner - Dr. Coit's system," bible class, and miscellaneous, 1908-1910
18 2
re case reports, "etiology of recent cases of diphtheria in Montclair, N.J.," infant development, speeches on 'better babies,' and miscellaneous, 1916, undated
18 3
re milk distribution, Halsey St. M.E. Church bible class, Babies' Hospital, Milk Commission, and miscellaneous, 1903-1916
18 4
re symptoms & diagnoses, Halsey St. M.E. Church, and miscellaneous, 1912-1916