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Calvin Walter Schwabe Papers 1944-1992
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Student Theses, 1960-1992 [subseries]:
Master's Theses, 1960-1992 [subseries]:
22 3
Unknown, n.d.
22 4
Frayha, George J. - studies on the acetate metabolism of taeniid tapeworms, 1964
22 5
Gorman, Texia. Design of a surveillance and control program of hydatid disease in the state of California, [1975]
22 6
Hadidian, Laura A. Observations on the in vitro survival of Echinococcus granulosus scolices, 1960
22 7
Hariri, Mayla N. Comparative evaluation of tissue fractions and metabolic products of taeniid tapeworms as antigens in the indirect hemagglutination test for hydatid disease, 1964
22 8
Heron, Billy R. and Swan, Ralph A. A survey of sheep-dogs in Tehama County, California, for the prescence of Echinococcus granulosus, 1959
22 9
Kilejian, Araxie A. Histological studies on Echinococcus granulosus, [1971]
22 9a
Kyule, Moses Nzau. Potential sources of biases in a population-based survey of dairy reporductive management practices, 1986
22 10
Lieu, Irwin K.M. Hydatid disease study in California, n.d.
22 11
Majok, Aggrey Ayuen. Analyses of baseline survey data on Rinderpest in Bahr El Ghazal Province, Southern Sudan, 1989
22 12
Meymarian, Euphronia Halebian. Observations on the ova of Echinococcus granulosus, [1960]
22 13
Meymarian, Euphronia Halebian, and Schwabe, Calvin. Addenda., undated
22 14
Miller, Carl W. and Ruppanner, Roger. Hydatid disease in California, a study of medical records, 1960-1969, 1970.
22 15
pappaioanou, Marguerite. Human hydatid disease (echinococcosis) in the United States: a review of 123 autochthonous cases, 1900-1974 [1976]
22 16
Pappaioanou, Marguerite and Sard, Diana B. Echinococcosis in Nevada: evidence for transmission, 1976
22 17
Sard, Diana M. Echinococcosis: establishmehnt of an american disease, 1976
22 18
Wilson Susan H. An examination of Californian sheep demographic record sources for use in epidemiological studies, 1977
Ph.D. theses, 1971-1989 [subseries]:
23 1
Araujo, Frank Patrick. Basque cultural ecology and echinococcosis in Califronia, 1974
23 1a
Baldock, Francis Christian. The epidemiology and control of gastrointestinal nematode parasites of beef cattle in central Queensland, Australia
23 2
Burridge, Michael John. An epidemiological study of the New Zealand hydatid disease control program, 1976
23 3
Cowen, Peter. Reproductive management among Tulare County, California dairy herds, [1981]
24 1
Deluyker, Hubert A.R.G. Fluctuations in milk yield as indicators of diseases in dairy cattle, 1989
24 2
Erb, Hollis N. Interrelationships between productio variables and reproductive diseases in holstein cows, 1979
24 3
Goodger, William John. The description, measurement, and economic assessment of the contribution of veterinary service to large scale dairy operation in California, 1981
24 4
Kyule, Moses Nzau. An epidemiological study of the Kenya east coast fever Control program, 1989
25 1-2
Majok, Aggrey Ayuen. [Ph.D. dissertation 2nd draft with corrections], undated
25 3
Martin, Stanley Wayne. An approach to the study of dairy calf mortality, 1982
25 4
Pappaioanou, Marguerite. An epidemiological study of the Cyprus anti-echinococcosis campaign, 1982
25a 1
Schantz, Peter Mullineaux. Studies on infection by Echinococcus granulosus (Batsch, 1786) with particular reference to its epidemiology in California, immunodiagnosis, and hpersensitivity reactions in infected sheep, 1971
25a 2
Thakur, Amar Singh. Studies on the ultrastructure and biochemistry of the Taenia hydatigena cysticercus, 1970
25a 3
Zessin, Karl. [P.h.D. dissertation 2nd draft with corrections], 1991