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Earle Milford Rice Papers 1926-1941
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Series 2: Writings, 1927-1941 [series]:
By Rice [subseries]:
1 6
Notes on practical pathology, undated
1 7
Geography of malaria - notes, undated
1 8
Housing and malaria - notes, undated
1 9
Tropical diseases - notes, undated
1 10
"Mass treatment for hookworm infection on tea estates in Assam", 1927
1 11
"Malaria survey of two tea estates in upper Assam," with J. de la M. Savage, 1932
1 13
"Bacteriophage, essential oils and vaccination and their effects on cholera mortality," with J. Morison, R. A. Haythornthwaite, 1934
1 14
"Observations on malaria in Assam, with special reference to cold weather and pre-monsoon anti-larval control", 1935
1 15
"A preliminary epidemiological study of cholera with special reference to Assam and suggestions for further investigations", 1935
1 16
"On systematization of medical and statistical data and reports throughout the tea industry", 1936
1 17
"A description of the larva of anopheles gigas var. Baileyi," with Sudhansu Bhusan Datta, F. G. Bell, 1936
1 18
"Report on tea estate medical practices in northern India", 1936
1 19
"Synopsis of malaria course - including practical class work", 1936
1 20
"A. minimus in Assam, its cold weather bionomics and their relationship to anti-larval control," with Badri Nath Mohan, 1936
1 21
"On the economic aspect on malaria to tea estates in the Bengal-Dooars", 1937
1 22
"A rapid method for the estimation of the arsenious oxide content of Paris green," with B. K. Datta Roy, 1938
By Others [subseries]:
1 23
League of Nations Health Organisation - Principles and methods of antimalarial measures in Europe - Second general report of the Malaria Commission, 1927
1 24
British Mosquito Control Institute - Report of the director, 1930
1 25
Swellengrebel, N.H., S. Annecke, B. De Meillon. "Malaria investigations in some parts of the Transvaal and Zululand", 1931
1 26
"Report of the ac hoc bacteriophage committee", 1934
1 27
Sinton, J. A., Baja Ram. "Man-made malaria in India", 1936
1 28
Gentzkow, Cleon J. "A method for the determination of atabrine in the blood", 1938
1 29
Gentzkow, Cleon J., George R. Callender. "Malaria in the Panama Canal Department, United States Army - I. Incidence of primary cases in 1936 and 1937", 1938
1 30
Gentzkow, Cleon J., George R. Callender. "Malaria in the Panama Canal Department, United States Army - II. Results of treatment with quinine, atabrine and plasmochin", 1938
1 31
Mayne, Bruce. "Graphic reproductions of the life cycle of the malaria parasite in the mosquito host" - NIH Bulletin no. 70, 1938
1 32
White, R. Senior, Appal Narayana. "On malaria transmission in the Singhbhum hills. Part II. An experiment with trap-nets", 1940
1 33
White, R. Senior, A. K. Adhikari. "On malaria transmission in the eastern Satpura ranges", 1940
1 34
"Symposium on malaria", 1940
1 35
Boyd, Mark F., H. O. Proske. "Observations on the blood proteins during malaria infections", 1941
1 36
Thomson, R C. Muirhead. "Studies on the behaviour of anopheles minimus. Part IV. The composition of the water and the influence of organic pollution and silt", 1941
1 37
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, vol. XXXIV, 1941