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C. Everett Koop Papers 1933-2011
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1967 [subseries]:
109 11
"The Massachusetts Mandate for Mental Health Leadership," Legislative Conference on Mental Health, Massachusetts Association for Mental Health and the Massachusetts Dept. of Mental Health--Boston, MA, January 31
109 12
"Developments in Meeting Mental Health Needs in the Community," Second Statewide Conference on Mental Health and Retardation, Oklahoma State Medical Association--Oklahoma City, OK, February 9
109 13
"Social Implications of the Community Mental Health Center Concept," 57th Annual Meeting, American Psychiatric Assn.--New York, NY, February 17
109 14
[Remarks at Lorraine Rembold's Farewell Party],--Washington, DC, February 23
109 15
"The New Era in Mental Health," 12th Annual Convention of Louisiana AFL-CIO--Baton Rouge, LA, April 11
109 16
"The Community Mental Health Center: A National Overview," Annual Pennsylvania Mental Health Conference--Pittsburgh, PA, April 26
109 17
"The Mentally Retarded in Penal and Correctional Institutions," Annual Meeting, American Psychiatric Association--Detroit, MI, May 9
109 18
"Mental Health on Air Force One," Conference of Chief Social Workers in State and Territorial Mental Health Programs--Dallas, TX, May 19
109 19
"The Pride and Price of Leadership," Washington School of Psychiatry--Washington, DC, June 1
109 20
"Prevention, the Holy Grail of Mental Health," Fifth Annual Conference on 'The Imperative of Prevention' Family and Children's Services of Greater St. Louis--St. Louis, MO, June 7
109 21
"Physical Environment of the Working Man," Annual Conference of the Society of Personnel Administration--Washington, DC, June 8
109 22
"Twin Social Movements-Community Mental Health and Rehabilitation," Symposium on Current and Future Directions in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, American Psychiatric Association Annual Convention--Washington, DC, September 3
109 23
"Psychology and Community Mental Health: The Medical Muddle," APA Annual Convention--Washington, DC, September 5
109 24
"The Social and Political Parameters of the Psychiatric Emergency," Regional Workshop, Planning Emergency Treatment Service for Comprehensive Community Mental Health, University of Florida--Gainesville, FL, September 13-15
110 1
"State of the Institute,"--San Francisco, CA, September 19
110 2
"Federal-State Relationship and the Impact of Public Law 89-749,"--Bismark, ND, October 5-6
110 3
"The Role of the Hospital in the Helping System," November 14
110 4
"Psychosoical Politics of the Community Mental Health Movement," 47th Meeting of the Association of Research in Nervous and Mental Disease--New York, NY, December 2
110 5
"Psychiatric Politics and the Organizational Crisis," Annual Meeting of the Mental Health Assn. of Los Angeles County--Los Angeles, CA, December 14