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Alick Isaacs Laboratory Notebooks 1938-1965
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Series 3: Reprints, 1938-1953 [series]:
3 9
"The carcinogenic effect of a papilloma virus on the tarred skin of rabbits" - Peyton Rous, John G. Kidd, 1938
3 10
"A transplantable rabbit carcinoma originating in a virus-induced papilloma and containing the virus in a masked or altered form" - John G. Kidd, Peyton Rous, 1940
3 11
"The activating, transforming, and carcinogenic effects of the rabbit papilloma virus (Shope) upon implanted tar tumors" - Peyton Rous, John G. Kidd, 1940
3 12
"The carcinogenic effect of methylcholanthrene and of tar on rabbit papillomas due to a virus" - Peyton Rous, William F. Friedenwald, 1941
3 13
"I. The basis of allergic disease II. The natural history of tuberculosis" - F. M. Burnet, 1948
3 14
"Virology as an independent science" - F. M. Burnet, 1953