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Merritte Weber Ireland Papers 1911-1952
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Series 2: Writings, 1916-1934 [series]:
By Others [subseries]:
1 10
"Europe's lesson in war relief," by Jefferson Randolph Kean, American Red Cross Magazine, 1916 [view online]
1 11
"Recent contributions by medical men to surgical progress," by William J. Mayo, Journal of the American Medical Association, 1930
1 12
"Social measures in venereal disease control," by Valeria H. Parker, 1922 [view online]
By Ireland [subseries]:
1 13
Foreword for History of the Base Hospital No. 77, undated [view online]
1 14
"Health of the army" - foreword for annual report of Surgeon General to Secretary of War, undated [view online]
1 15
"The progress of medicine in the twentieth century," Pennsylvania Medical Journal, 1919 [view online]
1 16
"Health lessons of the World War," Health, 1922 [view online]
1 17
"The Medical Department of the army," The Military Engineer, 1924
1 18
"The duties and responsibilities of the Medical Department in the formulation of mobilization plans," The Military Surgeon, 1924
1 19
"Hospitals as a factor in the medical program for national defense," The Modern Hospital, 1924
1 20
"Contributions of the Medical Department of the United States Army to American medicine," Annals of Clinical Medicine, 1925
1 21
"Aviation medicine," Army and Navy Courier, 1926
1 22
"Physical fitness; mental efficiency," National Republic, 1926
1 23
"Results obtained by the army in disease prevention and health conservation," Naval Surgery, 1926 [view online]
1 24
"Historical aspects of aviation medicine," The Army and Navy Courier, 1930 [view online]
1 25
"The medical reserve corps of the army," The Military Surgeon, 1934 [view online]