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Disorders of the Developing and Aging Brain: Autism and Alzheimer's on the Web Archive Collection 2014
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Treatment, 2014 [subseries]:
Alzheimer's Association: Latest Treatments, 2014

Resources on this page summarize the treatments currently available for Alzheimer's Disease patients, from memory loss to sleep changes.

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Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center: Treatment, 2014

This page from ADEAR (an NIH component) delves into various treatment and medication options, and includes numerous resources and fact sheets for referral.

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Help with Alzheimer's, 2014

Page from about how to find and select an Alzheimer's caregiver or caregiver team. Includes many resources regarding eldercare in America.

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How to Plan and Pay Ahead, 2014

Page from that deals with the financial and legal aspects of Alzheimer's care and treatment.

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Alzheimer's Disease and Caregiving, 2014

Page from the Family Caregiver Alliance, a non-profit organization that provides information and support for caregivers to people with all varieties of illnesses. Includes information and guidelines about what might be appropriate care in every stage of the disease.

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