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Disorders of the Developing and Aging Brain: Autism and Alzheimer's on the Web Archive Collection 2014
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Causes, 2014 [subseries]:
About Alzheimer's Disease: Causes, 2014

Web resource from the National Institute on Aging that delves into the current understanding of Alzheimer's causes.

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The Search for Alzheimer's Causes and Risk Factors, 2014

Web resource summarizing the known causes and risk factors for Alzheimer's. The page contain several videos (embedded) explaining the implications of each.

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NY Times Health Guides: Alzheimer's, 2014

Health guide from the NY Times that includes information about what causes Alzheimer's Disease, with helpful graphics and commentary.

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Alzheimer's Myths, 2014

Webpage debunks several popular creation myths related to Alzheimer's, with citations to journal articles about each alleged cause. These include the aluminium, flu shot, aspartame, and teeth fillings theories, among others.

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Review Article: What Causes Alzheimer's Disease, 2014

In this article from Folia Neuropathologica, author Richard A. Armstrong looks at and reviews many of the origin theories of Alzheimer's in eight different categories. It is a nearly comprehensive review of theories that have been popular at various points in time.

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