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Disorders of the Developing and Aging Brain: Autism and Alzheimer's on the Web Archive Collection 2014
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Caregiver Blogs, 2014 [subseries]:
The Alzheimer Spouse, 2014

Blogger Joan is the wife of Sid, an Alzheimer's sufferer. She began the blog in 2007 as an outlet for herself as his primary caregiver, and a place to discuss issues unique to being an Alzheimer's patient's spouse and caregiver. Joan maintains the blog with reflections on the effect of the disease on her life.

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Memories from my Life, 2014

Blogger Pat White's mother suffered from Alzheimer's for years before passing away in August 2011. Since then, White has been a caregiver advocate. The blog began in 2009 as a vehicle for White to express her thoughts on her mother's progress and the disease.

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Diagnosis: Alzheimer's, 2014

This blog was created by Rhonda Brantley for her husband, Bill Brantley. Bill was diagnosed in 2007 with early-onset Alzheimer's at 61 and died in 2012. Over time, the blog morphed from Bill to Rhonda posting about caregiver issues.

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Emily a la Blog, 2014

This section of a young woman's personal blog chronicles her mother's decline during her life with early-onset Alzheimer's. Her mother was diagnosed in her 50s and died in 2013.

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Living in the Shadow of Alzheimer's, 2014

Blogger Sheri has been writing about her experiences caring for her husband with Alzheimer's since 2010. Her posts are relatively short, and often involve poetry.

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A Blog Inspired by Mom's Brain, 2014

Written by Emily Caldwell, whose mother has Alzheimer's. Her mother was diagnosed in 2005 and lives in a nursing home today. She has been writing the blog since 2008, and it chronicles her mother's changing state and its impact on her as a primary (and then secondary) caregiver.

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