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Disorders of the Developing and Aging Brain: Autism and Alzheimer's on the Web Archive Collection 2014
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Caregiver Blogs, 2014 [subseries]:
Autism - Day by Day, 2014

Written by a single mother in the Los Angeles area, "Autism Day By Day" chronicles her life as the caregiver to her 15 year old autistic son, Nick. The blog is from the perspective of the mother of a pubescent child with autism and the challenges that come along with it.

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A Diary of a Mom, 2014

A Diary of a Mom author Jess is a Boston-area parent with two daughters, one neurotypical and one autistic. The blog chronicles her experiences raising both children with her husband and the special challenges presented by her younger daughter's autism.

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Go Team Kate, 2014

This blog, written by parents of Kate, an autistic girl in the UK, documents the experiences of both Kate's mother and father, and tells the detailed story of her diagnosis.

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Susan Senator's Blog, 2014

Susan Senator's autistic son is now in his early 20s, and her blog is from the perspective of the caregiver of a young adult with autism.

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Flappiness Is. . ., 2014

Written by a school media specialist with two children (one neurotypical, one with ASD), the author blogs about life with a young child on the spectrum. She also includes reviews of books and resources for parents and caregivers.

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Autism Daddy, 2014

Autism Daddy, an anonymous blogger, has a 10 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism. His blog provides the unique perspective of a primary caregiver father, and the caregiver to a child with "classic" autism. In addition to blogging about his son, he also writes about the effects of having a special needs child on marriage and other relationships.

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