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Disorders of the Developing and Aging Brain: Autism and Alzheimer's on the Web Archive Collection 2014
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Current Understanding, 2014 [subseries]:
The Autism Blog, 2014

The autism blog of Seattle Children's Hospital provides readers with an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder-related developments and provides resources for patients and caregivers.

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National Autism Association, 2014

The National Autism Association, a parent-run 501c(3), is one of the leading autism advocacy and education groups in the nation. Their website includes information about autism writ large, treatment, and support, among other things.

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Autism Society's About Autism page, 2014

Another of the leading American non-profits that addresses autism, the Autism Society, has extensive information about autism now, including information on symptoms, diagnosis, causes, and facts and statistics.

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Autism Speaks' What is Autism? Page, 2014

Autism Speaks is one of the main US-based, autism non-profits.

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NIMH's A Parent's Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder "What is Autism?" page, 2014

This publication, put out and maintained by the National Institute of Mental Health is an excellent guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder for parents.

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Are You On It?, 2014

This article from the popular New York Magazine discusses the expanding diagnoses of "Autism Spectrum Disorder" in long-form journalism.

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