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Marsden Scott Blois Papers 1947-1989
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Books with contributions by Blois [subseries]:
7 19
"Magnetic methods" in Physical Techniques in Biological Research, volume II: Physical Chemical Techniques, ed. Gerald Oster and Arthur W. Pollister, 1956
7 20
"Precision g-value measurements on free radicals of biological interest" in Free Radicals in Biological Systems, ed. Blois, Brown, Lemmon, Lindblom, Weissbluth, 1961
7 21
"Electron spin resonance and its application to photophysiology" in Photophysiology, volume I: General Principles; Action of Light on Plants, ed. Arthur C. Giese, 1964
7 22
"Random polymers as a matrix for chemical evolution" in The Origins of Prebiological Systems and of Their Molecular Matrices, ed. Sidney W. Fox, 1965
7 23
"Biological free radicals and the melanins" in Solid State Biophysics, ed. S. J. Wyard, 1969
7 24
"The melanins: their synthesis and structure" in Photochemical and Photobiological Reviews, volume 3, ed. Kendric C. Smith, 1978