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Joseph E. Rall Papers 1920-2011
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Articles by J. E. Rall [Loose Reprints], ca. 1956-2002, undated [subseries]:
3 44
Thyroid Gland Diseases, ca. 1956
3 45
Some Physical Considerations Governing the Choice of Internally Administered Radioisotopes for Therapy (Berman, M., J.E. Rall, and J. Heslin), 1957 Jan
3 46
The Radiation Hazard (Transcription of a Panel Meeting) (Rall, J.E., T. Dobzhansky, L.H. Hempelmann, J.S. Laughlin, and R.H. Morgan), 1960 Dec
3 47
Radioiodine Equilibrium Studies of Thyroid and Blood (Pitt-Rivers, R. and J.E. Rall), 1961 Feb
3 48
The Effect of Iodine Cyanide on Rat-Liver Mitochondria (Rall, J.E., J. Roche, R. Michel, O. Michel, and S. Varrone), 1962 Jun
3 49
Action de la L-Thyroxine et de L'iodure de cyanogene sur la morphologie mitochondriale et les phosphorylations oxydatives (Roche, J., R. Michel, J.E. Rall, O. Michel, M. Giard, and S. Varrone), 1963 Feb
3 50
Elevation of the Serum Protein-Bound Iodine in Acute Intermittent Porphyria (Hellman, E.S., D.P. Tschudy, J. Robbins, and J.E. Rall), 1963 Dec
3 51
Thyroidal Iodoproteins in Patients with Goitrous Hypothyrodism (Michel, R., J.E. Rall, J. Roche, and M. Tubiana), 1964 Apr
3 52
Action and Metabolism of Thyroid Hormones and Iodine-donating Substances (Michel, R., J. Roche, O. Michel, M. Girard, and J.E. Rall), 1964 Sep
3 53
Kinetics of Iodination. I. A Comparison of the Kinetics of Iodination of N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine and N-Acetyl-3-iodo-L-Tyrosine (Mayberry, W.E., J.E. Rall, and D. Bertoli), 1964 Dec 5
3 54
Mechanisms for the Control of the Distribution of the Thyroid Hormones (Rall, J.E.), 1966
3 55
Thyroid Nodules As A Late Sequela of Radioactive Fallout In A Marshall Island Population Exposed in 1954 (Conard, R.A., J.E. Rall, and W.W. Sutow), 1966
3 56
Medical Survey of the People of Rongelap and Utirik Islands After Eleven and Twelve Years After Exposure to Fallout Radiation (March 1965 and March 1966) (Conard, R.A. et al.), 1967 Apr
3 57
Transport Des Hormones Thyroidiennes (Rall, J.E. and J. Robbins), 1969 Sep
3 58
A Primer: Thyroid Physiology (Rall, J.E.), 1973
3 59
The Role of the Thyroid in Endocrine Control Mechanisms (Rall, J.E.), 1974
3 60
Occurrence and Natural History of Chronic Lymphocytic Thyroiditis in Childhood (Rallison, M.L., B.M. Dobyns, F.R. Keating, J.E. Rall, and F.H. Tyler), 1975 May
3 61
The Thyroid and Iodine Metabolism (Robbins, J., J.E. Rall, and P. Gorden), [1979]
3 62
Effects of Thyroid Hormone Administration on the Susceptibility of Rat Liver Chromatin to Digestion with Micrococcal Nuclease (Nikodem, V.M. and J.E. Rall), 1982 Jun
3 64
Tissue-Specific Control of Rat Malic Enzyme Activity and Messenger RNA Levels By a High Carbohydrate Diet (Dozin, B., J.E. Rall, and V.M. Nikodem), 1986 Jul
4 1
"Transcriptional Activation and Stabilization of Malic Enzyme and mRNA Precursor by Thyroid Hormone" (Song, M.-K H., B. Dozin, D. Grieco, J.E. Rall, and V.M. Nikodem), 1988 Dec
4 2
Structural Characterization of the Rat Malic Enzyme Gene (Morioka, H., M.A. Magnuson, T. Mitsuhashi, M.-K. H. Song, J.E. Rall, and V.M. Nikodem), 1989 Jul
4 3
Thyroid Hormone-Mediated Transcriptional Activation of the Rat Liver Malic Enzyme Gene by Dehydroepiandrosterone (Song, M.-K H., D. Grieco, J.E. Rall, and V.M. Nikodem), 1989 Nov
4 4
The Iodine-Containing Hormones (Robbins, J. and J.E. Rall), [1980s]
4 5
Archives, Data Bases, and Interactive Computer Programs: Are These a Library? (Rall, J.E.), 1990 Summer
4 6
Posttranscriptional Effects of Thyroid Hormones (Rall, J.E.), 1995
4 8
SKIP Is An Indispensable Factor for Caenorhabditis elegans Development (Kostrouchova, M., D. Housa, Z, Kostrouch, V. Saudek, and J.E. Rall), 2002 Jul 9
4 9
An NIH Perspective (Rall, J.E.), undated
4 10
Enzymes De La Thyroide Et Quelques Aspects Chimiques De L'Iodation (Mayberry, W.E. and J.E. Rall), undated