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2009 H1N1 Flu Pandemic Response Documentation Archive 2009-2010
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H1N1 Video [subseries]:

Public service announcements and H1N1 educational videos made by members of Congress, the Senate, and Celebrities.

H1N1 Archive v1 [subseries]:
H1N1 Flu in Review_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
KGS Flu Shot 121809 Take 2_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Sec Sebelius with Elmo Good Habits PSA__FeedRoom_FLV_BB.flv
Capital PSAs ASTHO 101609
Cline Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Cline Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Cline Safe
Cline Safe Seq.w state web_256K.mp3
Cline Safe Seq.w state web_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Cline Safe Seq.w
Cooper Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Cooper Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Cooper Safe
Davis Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Davis Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Davis Safe
Donnelly Safe Seq. State
Donnelly Safe Seq. State ph_256K.mp3
Donnelly Safe Seq. State ph_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Donnelly Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Donnelly Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Donnelly Safe
Engel Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Engel Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Engel Safe
Foley Safe
Foley Safe Seq_256K.mp3
Foley Safe Seq_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Foley Safe Spanish Seq._256K.mp3
Foley Safe Spanish Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Foley Safe Spanish
Gifford Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Gifford Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Gifford Safe
Halverson Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Halverson Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Halverson Safe
Jackson Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Jackson Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Jackson Safe
Kohm Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Kohm Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Kohn Safe
Newton Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Newton Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Newton Safe
Olszewski Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Olszewski Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Olszewski Safe
Phillips Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Phillips Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Phillips Safe
Rattey Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Rattey Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Rattey Safe
Sanne Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Sanne Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Sanne Safe
Schaefer Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Schaefer Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Schaefer Safe
Selecky Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Selecky Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Selecky Safe
Sundwall Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Sundwall Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Sundwall Safe
Capital PSAs Con 101509
Adler Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Adler Safe
Adler Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Adler Safe.JPG
Alexander Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Alexander Safe
Alexander Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Alexander Safe.JPG
Allard Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Allard Safe
Allard Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Allard Safe Spanish Seq._256K.mp3
Allard Safe Spanish
Allard Safe Spanish Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Allard Safe.JPG
Biggert Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Biggert Safe
Biggert Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Biggert Safe.JPG
Blackburn Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Blackburn Safe
Blackburn Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Blackburn Safe.JPG
Carson Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Carson Safe
Carson Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Carson Safe.JPG
Cassidy Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Cassidy Safe
Cassidy Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Cassidy Safe.JPG
Childers Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Childers Safe
Childers Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Childers Safe.JPG
Conaway Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Conaway Safe
Conaway Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Conaway Safe.JPG
Farr Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Farr Safe
Farr Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Farr Safe.JPG
Foster Safe Seq_256K.mp3
Foster Safe
Foster Safe Seq_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Foster Safe.JPG
Green Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Green Safe
Green Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Green Safe.JPG
Halverson Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Halverson Safe
Halverson Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Halverson Safe.JPG
Hill Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Hill Safe
Hill Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Hill Safe.JPG
Hollen Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Hollen Safe
Hollen Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Hollen Safe.JPG
Kratovil Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Kratovil Safe
Kratovil Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Kratovil Safe.JPG
Loebsack Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Loebsack Safe
Loebsack Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Loebsack Safe.JPG
McCollum Safe Seq._256K.mp3
McCollum Safe
McCollum Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
McCollum Safe.JPG
Moran Jim Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Moran Jim Safe
Moran Jim Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Moran Safe.JPG
Radanovich Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Radanovich Safe
Radanovich Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Radanovich Safe.JPG
Rahall Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Rahall Safe
Rahall Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Rahall Safe.JPG
Sandlin Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Sandlin Safe
Sandlin Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Sandlin Safe.JPG
Sarbanes Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Sarbanes Safe
Sarbanes Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Sarbanes Safe.JPG
Schauer Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Schauer Safe
Schauer Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Schauer Safe.JPG
Space Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Space Safe
Space Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Space Safe.JPG
Tanner Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Tanner Safe
Tanner Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Tanner Safe.JPG
Teague Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Teague Safe
Teague Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Teague Safe.JPG
Thomson Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Thomson Safe
Thomson Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Thomson Safe.JPG
Tierney Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Tierney Safe
Tierney Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Tierney Safe.JPG
Whitman Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Whitman Safe
Whitman Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Whitman Safe.JPG
Wilson Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Wilson Safe
Wilson Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Wilson Safe.JPG
Yarmuth Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Yarmuth Safe
Yarmuth Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Yarmuth Safe.JPG
Capital PSAs Sen 100809
Brown Sherrod Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Brown Sherrod Safe
Brown Sherrod Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Cardin Safe Seq_256K.mp3
Cardin Safe
Cardin Safe Seq_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Gillibrand Protect Seq._256K.mp3
Gillibrand Protect
Gillibrand Protect Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Gillibrand Safe Seq_256K.mp3
Gillibrand Safe
Gillibrand Safe Seq_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Menendez Safe Seq_256K.mp3
Menendez Safe
Menendez Safe Seq_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Menendez Safe Spanish Seq_256K.mp3
Menendez Safe Spanish Seq_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Merkley Safe Seq_256K.mp3
Merkley Safe
Merkley Safe Seq_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Reed Safe Seq_256K.mp3
Reed Safe
Reed Safe Seq_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Udall Safe Seq_256K.mp3
Udall Safe
Udall Safe Seq_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Whitehouse Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Whitehouse Safe
Whitehouse Safe Seq._You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Capital PSAs Sep Round 4
Altmire Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Altmire Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Arcuri Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Arcuri Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Bachus Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Bachus Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Bishop Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Bishop Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Burgess Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Burgess Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Carnahan Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Carnahan Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Carter Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Carter Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Courtney Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Courtney Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Edwards Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Edwards Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Edwards Safe Spanish Seq._128K.mp3
Edwards Safe Spanish Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Edwards Safe
Ehlers Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Ehlers Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Engel Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Engel Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
H1N1 web
Hall Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Hall Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Himes Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Himes Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Jackson Jr. Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Jackson Jr. Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Jackson Jr.
Kaptur Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Kaptur Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Klein Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Klein Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Lee Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Lee Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Minnick Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Minnick Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Minnick Safe
Murphy Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Murphy Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Murphy Safe
Owens Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Owens Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Owens Safe
Paulsen Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Paulsen Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Paulsen Safe
Petri Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Petri Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Petri Safe
Rooney Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Rooney Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Rooney Safe
Snyder Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Snyder Safe Seq_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Towns Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Towns Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Towns Safe
Udall Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Udall Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Udall Safe
Wilson Safe Seq._128K.mp3
Wilson Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Capital PSAs Sep Round 3
Brown Henry Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Brown Henry Safe
Brown Henry Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Connolly Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Connolly Safe
Connolly Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Cummings Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Cummings Safe
Cummings Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Dahlkemper Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Dahlkemper Safe
Dahlkemper Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Griffith Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Griffith Safe
Griffith Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Guthrie Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Guthrie Safe
Guthrie Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Hoyer Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Hoyer Safe
Hoyer Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Inslee Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Inslee Safe
Inslee Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Jenkins Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Jenkins Safe
Jenkins Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Johnson Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Johnson Safe
Johnson Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Kilroy Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Kilroy Safe
Kilroy Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Kosmas Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Kosmas Safe
Kosmas Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Lujan Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Lujan Safe
Lujan Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Lujan WYH Seq._256K.mp3
Lujan WYH
Lujan WYH Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Massa Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Massa Safe
Massa Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Moran Jerry Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Moran Jerry Safe
Moran Jerry Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Nye Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Nye Safe
Nye Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Peters Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Peters Safe
Peters Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Price Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Price Safe
Price Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Reichert Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Reichert Safe
Reichert Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Sablan Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Sablan Safe
Sablan Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Walz Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Walz Safe
Walz Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Watson Safe Seq._256K.mp3
Watson Safe
Watson Safe Seq._YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Capitall Hill PSAs no slate
Congressional PSAs Barrow NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Boccieri NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Boccieri WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Burris WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Capps NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Capps WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Carney NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Carney WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Chandler NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Christensen WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Clay NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Clay WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Cohen.mp4
Congressional PSAs Connolly NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Connolly WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Davis NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Davis WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Durbin WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Edwards NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Edwards WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Emerson NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Emerson WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Fudge WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Giffords NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Giffords WYH Span.mp4
Congressional PSAs Giffords WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Heinrich WYH Span.mp4
Congressional PSAs Heinrich WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Hinojosa WYH Span.mp4
Congressional PSAs Hinojosa WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Johanns WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Kilpatrick.mp4
Congressional PSAs Lautenberg NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Leahy WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Lieberman WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Lincoln NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Linda Sanchez WYH Span.mp4
Congressional PSAs Linda Sanchez WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Loretta Sanchez NTE Span.mp4
Congressional PSAs Loretta Sanchez.mp4
Congressional PSAs Markey NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Reyes NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Markey WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Melancon NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Melancon WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Murkoski Begich WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Murphy WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Murray WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Napolitano WYH Span.mp4
Congressional PSAs Napolitano WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Perrirllo WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Reyes WYH Span.mp4
Congressional PSAs Reyes WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Richardson WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Risch NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Sarbanes.mp4
Congressional PSAs Schiff NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Schiff WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Shaheen NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Shaheen WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Stupak NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Stupak WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Teague WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Thompson NTE.mp4
Congressional PSAs Thompson WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Titus WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Warner WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Waters WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Wilson WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs Wu WYH.mp4
Congressional PSAs.doc
Celeb Vacc. PSAs
100109 Amy Ryan.JPG
100109 Anthony Eng HOT SEQ for
100109 Anthony Span HOT SEQ for
100109 Joyner HOT SEQ for
100109 Joyner.JPG
100109 Marc Anthony.JPG
100109 Marc Anthony2.JPG
100109 Ryan HOT SEQ_for
Anthony Eng HOT SEQ for we_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Anthony Span HOT SEQ for we_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Joyner HOT SEQ for web.mov2_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Joyner HOT SEQ for web3_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Ryan HOT SEQ_for web_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
H1N1 Web SOTs 11-25-09
-H1N1 Web SOTs 11-25-09_Windows_Media_Audio.wma
-H1N1 Web SOTs 11-25-09_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
H1N1 web
H1N1 Web SOTs112509.JPG
PSA Contest
Grabbed From YouTube
4 by 3 aspect
Be Aware of the Invisible -
H1N1 Rap by Dr.
Help Stop
Simply Fighting the Flu
default aspect
Be Aware of the Invisible -
Flu Sounds
H1N1 Rap by Dr.
Help Stop
simply Fighting the Flu
Flu Droplets.flv
Flu Sounds PSA.mp4
H1N1 Rap by Dr. Clarke.flv
Help Stop Flu.flv
Simply Fighting the Flu Virus.flv
Made Available to Download
Be Aware of the Invisible - PSA.mp4
Simply Fighting the Flu Virus 1920 x 1080 (Luke Eddy).mov
Other Submitted vid files
Secretary's Videos
Flu Contest Message_Call to
Flu Contest Message_Call to Vote_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Sec YouTube Contest.JPG
Be Aware of the
Flu Sounds
H1N1 Rap by Dr.
Help Stop
Simply Fighting the Flu
PSA Download LQ
tribal_h1n1_flu 60_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
tribal_h1n1_flu_take 3_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
PSA Download LQ NS
ADC Beat Poetry 30_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
ADC Hispanic Parents 30_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
ADC Parents 10_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
ADC Parents 30 v1_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
ADC Parents 30 v2_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
adc pregnant 30.JPG
ADC Pregnant Woman 10_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
ADC Pregnant Woman 30_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
ADC Young Adults 30_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
ADV Young Adults 10_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Celeb Prev Anthony Span_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Celeb Prev Anthony_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Celeb Prev Kersee_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Celeb Prev Ryan_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Celeb Vax Anthony_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Celeb Vax Kersee_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Celeb Vax Ryan_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Elmo Flu PSA 1_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Elmo Flu PSA 2_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Elmo Flu PSA 3_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Elmo Flu PSA 4_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Elmo School Plan Span_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Elmo School Plan_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Elmo Sneeze Span_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Elmo Sneeze_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
Flu Prevention Span_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
tribal_h1n1_flu 60_You_Tube_HQ.mp4
Tribal_h1n1_flu take 3_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
YouTube Bagman_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
YouTube Chainsaw_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
YouTube Clarke_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
YouTube Droplets_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
YouTube Hazmat_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
YouTube Help Stop_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
YouTube Invisible_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
YouTube Sounds_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4
YouTube Toothbrush_YouTube_High_Quality.mp4