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Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation - Albert Lasker Awards Archives 1944-
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Historical Note

The Albert Lasker Awards were first established in 1946 to honor individuals who have made significant contributions in basic and clinical research. Since 1946, three major awards, the Basic Medical Research Award, the Clinical Medical Research Award, and the Public Service Award have been granted on an annual or discretionary basis. From 1946 through 1960 the Medical Research and Public Service awards were given through the American Public Health Association; the foundation took over the selection for these awards in 1960, and has awarded them on an annual basis since 1962. In addition, from 1949 through 1969, the foundation presented Medical Journalism Awards. Other awards from the foundation have been given through the International Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (1954 - 1972), the American Heart Association (1954 - 1960), the Planned Parenthood Association (1945 - 1965), and the National Committee for Mental Hygiene (1944 - 1949). A comprehensive list of awards and award recipients can be found in the most recent Awards Luncheon program (See Series 1).

The prestige of the Albert Lasker Awards within the American medical community is unequaled. The many Lasker award winners who have gone on to receive the Nobel prize are ample testimony to the international reputation of the awards.