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American College of Nurse-Midwives Records 1910-1999
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All Series Level Scope and Content Notes

Meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, publications, subject files, photographs, audio and video tapes, and general and historical documents, 1910-1999 (88.65 linear feet), of the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) document the activities of the leadership and membership of the professional nurse-midwives association. The records are organized according to the administrative unit within the college-the Board of Directors, Executive Officers, and Divisions and Committees-where they were created, and the format or function served by the records. Records are arranged chronologically or alphabetically within each series or subseries.

Incorporation and Organizational documents include Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, Standing Rules of Procedure, Organizational Charts, and a "Manual of Essential Documents" that includes position statements, policies, and guidelines.

Board of Directors Minutes provide the most complete record of the College's actions and concerns during the years represented. Multiple listings for the same Board of Directors session signify that there are supplemental documents or other original minutes with various notes. The series also includes significant reports, correspondence, position papers and other documents as attachments (called Agenda Items or Appendices). Closed Session minutes are closed 50 years from the date of the meeting.

Executive Office records provide a broad view of the College through wide-ranging correspondence for each President (1957-1994) and Executive Secretary/Executive Director (1956-1983), as well as Vice President's correspondence (1974-1991), Annual Reports (1969-1998), Annual Meeting minutes (1955-1990), and Executive Committee minutes (1956-1993). Closed meeting minutes are restricted according to the wishes of the ACNM. Also included are Nurse-Midwives Meeting minutes, 1954-1955. The ACNM Presidents represented here include Sister M. Theophane Shoemaker, Mary I. Crawford, Sister Mary Stella Simpson, Vera Keane, Lillian Runnerstrom, Lucille Woodville, Carmela Cavero, Elizabeth S. Sharp, Dorothea Lang, Helen Burst, Sister Angela Murdaugh, Judith Rooks, Susan Yates, Elizabeth [Betty] Bear, and Joyce Thompson. A subseries of written works by some of these Presidents includes a tribute to Mary I. Crawford written by Helen Burst, a list of accomplishments written by Sister Angela Murdaugh and Lillian Runnerstrom, speeches by Susan Yates, and dissertations from Sister M. Theophane Shoemaker ("History of Nurse-Midwifery in the United States" 1947) and Lillian Runnerstrom, among others. Located at the end of the finding aid is an appendix with a list of the presidents and their years served. Executive Secretaries/Executive Directors include Ruth Watson Lubic, Aileen Hogan, Norma Pilegard, Dorothea Russell, Faye Leibowitz, Flo McDaniel, and Mary Rita Prah. President and Executive Secretary correspondence may also be located in the Division and Committee or Subject Files series, and vice versa depending on the correspondents involved.

Legal documents contain information related to the ACNM and their legal cases. Information on the ACNM's legal status as a corporation is located in this series. This series is arranged alphabetically.

Financial documents contain primarily financial reports, budgets, ledgers, balances, expenditures and disbursements. Correspondences on financial matters are located in this series. This series is arranged chronologically.

Division and Committee records, which also include other subdivisions of the College such as the ACNM Foundation, the Government Liaison Office, and Regional and Local Chapters, are more targeted, but also more sporadic and less comprehensive in their coverage of each Division or Committee's activities compared to the Board of Directors meeting minutes. The records are organized alphabetically, and arranged chronologically according to their form or function. Much of the correspondence between Committee chairs and the ACNM President or Executive Secretary will be located in the Executive Office series. Divisions are listed first, with the Division of Accreditation (formerly Approval), including the Board of Review and Education Program Self-Evaluation Reports, making up the bulk of the records. Standing Committees are listed next; the Archives, Clinical Practice, Legislative, and Research and Statistics Committees are fairly well documented, with others much less so. Government Liaison Office records include Congressional testimony, correspondence of two liaison officers Sally Tom and Karen Ehrnman, and Tom's "History of Federal Funding of Nurse-Midwifery Education, 1960-1983." A large section of this series deals with the work that ACNM did internationally through their Special Projects Section.

The ACNM's function within a larger picture of midwifery and nursing can be seen in the Other Nurse-Midwives Organization series, with the International Confederation of Midwives the most well represented. The National Federation of Specialty Nursing Organizations is also fairly well represented. This series also includes the Maternity Center Association's publication "Twenty Years of Nurse-Midwifery, 1933-1953."

Healthcare Legislation presents background information the legal battles of nurse-midwifery and other aspects of healthcare. This series provides testimony on different bills and acts for healthcare legislation. Also, clippings on healthcare legislation are located in this series. This series is arranged alphabetically.

Publications include incomplete runs of the serial Bulletin of the American College of Nurse Midwifery (later called the Bulletin of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, and the Journal of Nurse-Midwifery), and the College's Newsletter, named Quickening after 1970. Some membership directories and a few monographs are also included. Also included are unpublished manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Nurse-Midwifery.

Printed material is primarily flyers and brochures, including Annual Meeting programs and a number of different "What Is A Nurse-Midwife" brochures.

Nineteen oral history interviews are included on audio cassettes, with printed transcripts provided for eight of them. Most of the interviews were with significant figures in the history of the ACNM, including Elizabeth [Betty] Bear, Sister Mary Stella Simpson, Dr. Judith Fullerton, and Irene Matousek, who also performed many of the interviews.

The subgroup Group Health Association/Certified Nurse-Midwives contains unprocessed records of the Group Health Association that pertain to that organization's certified nurse-midwives with little or no direct reference to the ACNM.

Vertical File materials include clippings, serials, and monographs that relate to the practice of nurse-midwifery, but do not directly concern the ACNM.