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Alexander Hoff Papers 1850-1923
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Letter from Alexander Hoff to Professor Alden March, Albany, N.Y., from U.S. Hospital Steamer "D. A. January", 1862 December 20

Describes work of hospital ship, especially amputations. Reports results in 100 cases. Also includes 2 1/2 inch photograph of a cradle made by Prof. Hodgens of St. Louis for treatment of wounds of the lower limbs and describes its use. Also includes similar-sized photo of Abraham Lincoln.

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1 2
Letter from Alexander Hoff to Professor Alden March, Albany, N.Y., from U.S. Hospital Steamer "D. A. January", Youngs Point, La., 1863 March 29

Sent hoping "a little news from the scene of active operations would be of some assistance during your course of Lectures ... "I shall devote this letter to wounds of the cavities, viscera, and Brain ... "

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1 3
Letter from Alexander Hoff to Professor Alden March, Albany, N.Y., from U.S. Hospital Steamer "Chas. McDougall", Memphis, Tenn., 1863 October 9 [view online]
1 4
Letter from Alexander Hoff to Professor Alden March, from U.S. Hospital Steamer "Chas. McDougall", Louisville, Ky., 1864 January 6

Discusses use of mercurials, especially calomel, and antimony in the Army. Also talks about scurvy and use of quinine for Intermittent Fevers. Concludes that knowledge of pathology and pharmacology is so small only pragmatism can help toward a rational medical doctrine. Addresses Dr. March as "President of U. S. Medical Association." Says fighting has died down due to cold weather. Expresses hope that he will be transferred east after almost three years on the Mississippi. Discussion of travels and talks with Surgeon General Hammond.

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1 5
Letter to Alexander Hoff from Cuylar (?), 1876 July 26

My dr. Doctr: I am grieved to hear that you are so very sick. I hope the report which has just reached me is exaggerated. I wish I could do something to relieve or comfort you.

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1 6
Letter on stationery of Navy Department, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Washington, to Surgeon Jos. B. Brown, Presd. Army Medical Board, 1876 June 6 [view online]
1 7
Two documents from Surgeon General's Library, Washington, to Asst. Surgeon A.H. Hoff, U.S.A. Fort Columbus, New York Harbor, signed by John Shaw Billings, Assistant Surgeon. U. S. Army, in charge of Library, 1875 [view online]
1 8
Letter to Asst. Surgeon Alex H. Hoff. U.S. Army, Army Medical Board, N .Y. City, from George A. Otis, Asst. Surgeon, U.S.A., Curator, Army Medical Museum, 1875 May 11

Thanking him for "the pair of obstetrical forceps which you found in Sitka, and presented to Dr. Billings" and reporting where it has been placed in the Museum.

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1 9
Letter from J.J. Woodward, Asst. Surgeon U.S. Army, Surgeon General's Office, War Department, Washington, D.C., 1876 April 6

On contents of pamphlet on hospital models, praising the description of the hospital steamer January and asking for a similar description of the Barnes. He will have woodcuts made of the January and Barnes, and discusses models of the two ships and how they should be sent to Washington.

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1 10
Special orders, no. 50 - War Department, 1875

Relieves Dr. Hoff of duties at Fort Columbus and appoints him Recorder of the Army Medical Board in New York City.

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1 11
Letter from Post Adjutant, Headquarters, Principal Depot, General Recruiting Service, United States Army, Fort Columbus, N.Y.H., 1875 March 25

Relieves A.H. Hoff from duty as Depot Treasurer and Librarian and orders him to turn over property and funds to successor.

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1 12
Letter to Dr. Hoff, U.S.A. from George Tiemann & Co., No. 67 Chatham Street, New York City, 1876 June 29

Reports comments of Professor Howard of Baltimore on automatic needle carrier and needles and says Professor Howard was probably the first to use the new instrument with success.

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1 13
Copy of letter from C.H. Crane. Asst. Surgeon General. U.S. Army, to Surgeon Jos. B. Brown U.S. Army, President, Army Medical Board, New York City, N.Y., 1876 July 14

Directs that Assistant Surgeon A.H. Hoff be examined for promotion.

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1 14
Contents of Dr. Hoff's pocket case, 1850-1861 [view online]
1 15
Letter to Editor of the American Medical Times from Dr. Alden March, quoting parts of letter of Dr. Alex. H. Hoff to Dr. March and suggesting that the Editor publish it in the American Medical Times, 1862 December 20 [view online]
1 16
Letter from E. B. French to Alexander Hoff (November 25, 1875); extract from report of a board of medical officers (September 2, 1875); eulogy of Dr. Hoff by Dr. J. L. Babcock (November 14, 1876); salary payment for Dr. Hoff (July 1876), 1875-1876 [view online]
1 17
Photograph of Alexander Hoff; biographical speech about Alexander Hoff by his son John Van Rensselaer Hoff, at presentation of Hoff Memorial Medal to best student in the Army Medical School. Read at Graduating Exercises of the school in Washington, undated; May 31, 1912

Two photographs of man with mustache and in uniform with photographer given at bottom: Hofsteater, Vancouver, Wash.

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1 18
Letter from C.H. Alden, Assistant Surgeon General, U.S. Army to Major J. Van R. Hoff, Vancouver Barracks, Washington (November 5, 1897) about the setting up of a prize in memory of Alexander H. Hoff; Letter from C. H. Alden, Assistant Surgeon General, U.S. Army, President, Army Medical School, to the Surgeon General of the Army, transmitting a resolution of thanks of the faculty of the Army Medical School to Major J. Van R. Hoff, for the provision of a gold medal in honor of his father; Army and Navy Register, Washington (June 5, 1909), 1897; 1909 [view online]
1 19
Photograph of Memorial Font in the Chapel of St. Cornelius the Centurion, Governors Island, N.Y.; Biographical sketch of Alexander Henry Hoff; no author, no date, 1911, undated [view online]
1 20
Copy of presentation address delivered by Gen. Robert E. Noble, Medical Corps, to the Hoff medalist, Capt. Gill, 1923 June 8 [view online]
1 21
Letter from Dr. Alexander H. Hoff, U. S. Hospital Steamer "D.A. January", near Vicksburgh (February 18, 1863) to "Dear Doctor", probably Dr. Alden March, Albany, N.Y.; Pencil or pen and ink drawing of exterior of U.S. Hospital Steamer "D.A. January"; Pencil or pen and ink drawing of interior of U.S. Hospital Steamer "D.A. January", 1863, undated

Hoff commanded the "D.A. January" during the Civil War.

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Map Drawer 5 1
Appointment as surgeon to the 58th Regiment in the 27th Brigade in the 7th Division of the Militia of New York State from March 27, 1850. Signed by Hamilton Fish, Governor of New York; Appointment as surgeon of the Third Regiment, New York Volunteers, signed by Edwin Morgan, Governor of New York, April 18, 1850; July 4th, 1861 [view online]
Map Drawer 5 2
Appointment as Brigade Surgeon of Volunteers from August 3, 1861. Signed for Abraham Lincoln, President of the U.S. by Thomas Scott, Acting Secretary of War, (August 8, 1861); Appointment as Lieutenant Colonel by Brevet from March 30, 1865 [sic]. Signed for Andrew Johnson, President of the U.S. by Edwin M. Stanten, Secretary of War, Washington (March 10, 1866), 1861; 1866 [view online]
Map Drawer 5 3
Appointment as Colonel by Brevet from March 13, 1865. Signed for Andrew Johnson, President of U.S. by Edwin M. Stanten, Secretary of War, April 5, 1866 [view online]