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Bertram Brown Papers 1884-1988 (bulk 1960-1980)
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1971 [subseries]:
116 6
"Remarks by Dr. Brown," Organized Crime Law Enforcement Training Conference, University of Maryland--College Park, MD, January 6
116 7
"Remarks by Dr. Bertram S. Brown," Opening of Chicago Training Project--Los Angeles, CA, January 9
116 8
"The Crisis in Health Care, Urban Affairs Seminar, Greater Baltimore Committee--Baltimore, MD, January 14
116 9
"Address by Dr. Bertram S. Brown to Women GS-11 and Below,"--Washington, DC, January 19
116 10
"An Idea Whose Time Should Come," Annual Legislative Conference, Sponsored by the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health--Boston, MA, February 2
116 11
"Drug Abuse: The New Plague," HEW Ladies' Day--Washington, DC, February 8
116 12
[Transcripts of proceedings with representatives of the Bureau of Prisons and NIMH]--Fort Worth, TX, February 10
116 13
"Mental Health at the Crossroads--Drug Abuse and Social Issues," Excerpts from a speech, Dept. of Psychiatry, Medical University of South Carolina--Charleston, SC, March 5
116 14
"Mental Health and Governance," Michigan Society of Psychiatry and Neurology--Detroit, MI, March 18
116 15
"The Meaningful Alternative," White House Conference on Drug Abuse for Religious Leaders--Washington, DC, March 26
117 1
[Notes/Outline for Talk], St. Louis Psychiatric Society--St. Louis, MO, April 19
117 2
"The Future of Public and Private Sectors in Psychiatry," Suburban Chapter of Washington Psychiatric Society--Bethesda, MD, April 29
117 3
"Pride, Prejudice, and Progress," Annual Meeting, American Psychoanalytic Association--Washington, DC, April 30
117 4
"Where Religion Dwells," Annual Meeting, Association of Mental Health Chaplains, May 3
117 5
[Transcript of Tape Recording of Address], National Association of Science Writers--Washington, DC, May 4
117 6
[Rough notes for speech], ADA, Georgetown University--Washington, DC, May 12
117 7
"Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!" Annual Membership Meeting, Illinois Valley Mental Health Association--Peoria, IL, May 13
117 8
"Summary of Remarks," Dedication of the Margaret R. Dixon Child and Adolescent Mental Health Treatment Unit, Souteast Louisiana Hospital, Mandeville, LA, May 18
117 9
"Statement by Dr. Brown," Annual Conference on the Council on Foundations--Montreal, Canada, May 20
117 10
[Opening remarks], Foundations and Drug Abuse: A Conference--Washington, DC, May 26
117 11
"Dedication Address," Laboratory of Brain Evolution and Behavior, NIH Animal Center--Poolesville,MD, May 28
117 12
"The Many Meanings of Politics," Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, District of Columbia Section Dinner Meeting--Washington, DC, June 2
117 13
"The Present and Future Challenge," 25th Anniversary of the National Mental Health Act--Washington, DC, June 28
117 14
"Draft Remarks," Dr. Brown Opening Plenary Session, 25th Anniversary Conference of the Acting Mayor of Washington, June 28
117 15
"On the Meaning of Biochemical Research in Mental Health," [delivered during foreign travel to Turkey, Romania, and Egypt], August
117 16
"Silver Threads Among the Bold: Twenty-five Years of Mental Health Programming," 79th Annual Convention, Clinical Psychology Division APA--Washington, DC, September 6
117 17
"Federal Challenge to the Community," A Health and Education Program for the Treatment of Drug Abuse and Addiction," September 10
117 18
"Awareness and Action: The Federal Challenge to the Community: A Health and Education Approach for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and Addiction," The North Shore Hospital and Hofstra University, September 10
117 19
[Draft Remarks], Seminar on Family Disruption and Health Problems--Rockville, MD, September 24
117 20
"Mental Health Axes to Grind," Annual Meeting, Minnesota Association for Mental Health--Minneapolis, MN, October 1
117 21
"Commitment to Service," Oklahoma Mental Health Association, Testimonial Dinner in Honor of Dr. Hayden Donahue--Oklahoma City, OK, October 2
117 22
"New Dimensions in Mental Health Services," Dedication Ceremonies, The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital--Baltimore, MD, October 19
117 23
"Mental Health Services to Youth," Mental Health Conference of Virginia, Department of Medical Hygiene and Hospitals of the Commonwealth of Virginia--Roanoke, VA, October 21
118 1
"Priorities and Progess in Mental Health," Annual Meeting, Tennesse Mental Health Association--Nashville, TN, October 27
118 2
"The American Indian: What's Good About Him?" National Conference on Indian Mental Health, The Denver Indian Center--Denver, CO, November 11
118 3
"The Changing Mental Health Delivery System: The Prospects Before Us," The Health Services and Mental Health Administration Annual Conference of the State and Territorial Mental Health Authorities--Washington, DC, November 16-18
118 4
"Psychiatry Through Mental Health to Human Services--What's Next?" 7th Anniversary Celebration of the New York State Psychiatric Institution--New York, NY, November 22
118 5
"Organization of Mental Health Services in the United States," Proceedings of the V World Congress of Psychiatry--Mexico City, Mexico, November 28-December 4