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Bertram Brown Papers 1884-1988 (bulk 1960-1980)
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1970 [subseries]:
114 5
"Toward Human Services," ca. 1970
114 6
"Draft Remarks--Joint Announcement of HEW-DOT Interagency Agreement,"--Washington, DC, January 11
114 7
"Some Things Mental Health Has to Say to Education," Oaklawn Psychiatric Center--Elkhart, IN, January 15
114 8-9
"Maryland, My Mediocre Maryland," Annual Legislative Dinner Meeting, Maryland Assn. for Mental Health, Inc.,--Annapolis, MD, January 29
114 10
"In Mediocre Maryland, Where is Montgomery County?' St. Luke's Episcopal Church--Bethesda, MD, February 4
114 11
"Research: A Critical Resource," Dedication to the Tennessee Neuropsychiatric Institute--Nashville, TN, March 19
115 1
"Mental Health: Aspects of Changes," Mental Health Aspects of Changes Workshop--Severn River, MD, April 29
115 2
"Heeding the Needing Children: National Programs to Meet a National Priority," The Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago--Chicago, IL, May 5
115 3
"A Joint Endeavor," Washington Hebrew Congregation--Washington, DC, May 27
115 4
"Statement by Dr. Brown," [on occasion of his appointment to Director of NIMH], June 3
115 5
"Dispelling Illusions and Responding to Realities," Keynote Address, Labor-Management Mental Health Conference, Institute of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University--New Brunswick, NJ, June 10
115 6
"Draft Remarks for Dr. Brown, for delivery at Symposium on 'Recent Advances in Studies of Alcoholism',"--Washington, DC, June 25
115 7
"Opening Statement--Executive Staff Meeting,"--Washington, DC, July 10
115 8
"Highlights of Remarks to State Planning Agencies of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration,"--Colorado Springs, CO, August 4
115 9
"Whither the Community Mental Health Center?" First Annual Meeting, National Council of Community Mental Health Centers,--Philadelphia, PA, September 24
115 10
"Introductory Remarks," 22nd Institute on Hospital and Community Psychiatry,"--Philadelphia, PA, September 24
115 11
"Health and the Healthy Consumer," Keynote Address, Conference on Consumer Health, Maryland State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Cooperative Extension Department, University of Maryland--Chevy Chase, MD, September 28
115 12
"Partners or Perish," Keynote Speech, 10th Anniversary of the Maurice Falk Medical Fund--Pittsburgh, PA, October 7
115 13
"Speech for Commuity Mental Health Centers,"--Philadelphia, PA, October 12
115 14
[Untitled], 17th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Child Psychiatry--Denver, CO, October 16-18
115 15
"Importance of Community Based Treatment and Comprehensive Services," First Anniversary of the Addiction Research Treatment Corporation, October 20
115 16
"Community Mental Health: The View from Fund City," Surgeon General's Annual Conference of the State and Territorial Mental Health Authorities--Washington, DC, November 4
115 17
"What Do You Say to a Naked Question?" Annual Meeting, American Association of Psychiatric Services for Children--Philadelphia, PA, November 6
115 18
"Looking Ahead in Mental Health," Division of Mental Hygiene, Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services--Milwaukee, WI, November 17
115 19
"The People and the Priorities," Excerpts from a speech at the Annual Meeting of the National Association for Mental Health--Los Angeles, CA, November 19
116 1
"Recent Research on Drugs of Abuse," Meeting of Delegates of the Assembly of District Branches, American Psychiatric Association--Washington, DC, November 20
116 2
"Style and Substance in Human Development," Address at scientific program honoring George E. Gardner, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School--Cambridge, MA, November 30
116 3
"Community Mental Health Programs: A Partnership in Management," NIMH Regional Funding Conference--Atlanata, GA, December 4
116 4
"Challenge to Commitment," State and Territorial Health Officers' Annual Meeting--Washington, DC, December 8
116 5
"Remarks," [by Dr. Brown], Dedication, Caguas Community Mental Health Center--Puerto Rico, December 23