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Bertram Brown Papers 1884-1988 (bulk 1960-1980)
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1968 [subseries]:
110 6
"Politics and Psychiatry," Ninth Annual Mental Health Dinner, The West Virginia Association of Mental Health, Inc.--WV, January 31
110 7
[Panel and Discussion], National Capital Area Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration--Washington, DC, March 5
110 8
"Proceedings from the 'Seminar on Mental Health in Illinois'," Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois--Zion, IL, April 15-16
110 9
"The Role of the Mental Health Association on the Current Scene," Virginia Association for Mental Health--Fredricksburg, VA, April 19
110 10
"Community Mental Health Centers-- A Look Ahead," New York Regional Program Development Conference on Community Mental Health Centers, NIMH--New York, NY, April 29
110 11
"Mental Health--The Role of Citizen and State," Annual Meeting, The Alabama Association of Mental Health--Huntsville, AL, May 9
110 12
Psycho-Political Perspectives on Federal-State Relationships Mental Health Participation, White House Governors Conference of 1967-1968," Seventh National Scientific Meeting, Association for the Advancement of Psychotherapy--Boston, MA, May 12
110 13
"Remarks at the 20th Anniversary of the Human Relations Service of Wellesley, Inc."--Wellesley, MA, May 13
110 14
"Fantasy and Force: A Study of the Dynamics of the Mentally Retarded Offended," Annual Meeting, American Psychiatric Association--Boston, MA, May 15
111 1
"You Can Go Home Again," Annual Meeting, Brooklyn Association for Mental Health, Inc.--Brooklyn, NY, May 22
111 2
"Social Change: A Professional Challenge," Convocation Address, University of Maryland, School of Social Work--College Park, MD, June 4
111 3
"Crystal Balls and Strikes: Mental Health and Social Change," The Hogg Foundation--Austin, TX, June 7
111 4
"The Partnerships of Private and Public Funds," The Hoff Foundation--Austin, TX, June 8
111 5
"What are Young Psychiatrists Thinking About?" Meeting of Midwest Professor of Psychiatry, Madison, WI, June 21-22
111 6
"Remarks by Dr. Brown on the Opening of the Jefferson Medical College Unit and Philadelphia State Hospital," Philadelphia--PA, September 24
111 7
"Power, Politics, Psychiatrists, and Philadelphia," Hahnemann's Community Mental Health Center--Philadelphia, PA, September 26
111 8
"The Management of Power or The Walter Mitty School of Psychiatry," Annual Meeting, American Society of Mental Hospital Business Administrators--Washington, DC, September 30
111 9
"Mental Health and Social Policy," Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, Executive Group Meeting,--Austin, TX, October 2-4
112 1-2
"Alienation and Revolt: Rebels Without A Cause," New York State Association for Mental Health, The Medical Society of NY, The Coucil, NY State District Branches, American Psychiatric Association--New York,NY, October 5
112 3
"Mental Health and Citizen Power--The Role of the Mental Health Association," Annual Meeting, North Dakota Mental Health Association, Bismark, ND, October 10
112 4
"Citizen Leaders and the Mental Health of the Future," Annual Leadership Institute, Wisconsin Assn. for Mental Health--Milwaukee, WI, October 16
112 5
"The Program Politics of Violence," Eighth Symposium on 'Psychiatry for the Physician on Violence and Aggression' The Carrier Clinic--Bell Mead, NJ, November 6
112 6
"Mental Health Programs for Today--Meeting the Challenge and the Management of Power," Biennial Conference, Wisconsin Division of Mental Hygiene--Madison, WI, November 20
112 7
"Mental Health and Comprehensive Health Planning," Remarks presented at Association of State and Territorial Health Officers--Washington, DC, December 10
112 8
"Psychiatric Politics and the Organizational Crisis," Annual Meeting, Mental Health Association of Los Angeles County--Los Angeles, CA, December 14