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Bertram Brown Papers 1884-1988 (bulk 1960-1980)
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1964 [subseries]:
108 1
"Patterns of Research Support in Mental Retardation," Fourth Annual Research Seminar, Canadian Association for Retardation Children--Ottawa, Canada, February 7-8
108 2
"The Community Mental Health Center: Concept and Challenge," Citizen's Committee for Comprehensive Mental Health Planning--Columbus, OH, March 9
108 3
"The Many Meanings of 'Comprehensive'-Underlying Issues in Implementing the Community Mental Health Centers Program," The American Orthopsychiatric Association (AOA)--Chicago, IL, March 19
108 4
"A Revolution in Community Opportunity," Third Annual Mental Health Conference, Dept. of Mental Health--Wilmington, DE, April 29
108 5
"Mental Health: Current Programs and Concepts," Southern Conference of the Council of State Governments--Sarasota, FL, June 18
108 6
[Comments], Community Mental Health Center's Advisory Councils, Bloomington Mental Health Association Staff Training Institute--Bloomington, MN, June 30
108 7
"Background Events Leading to the Current Community Mental Health Program," Institute on Community Mental Health Services--Santa Barbara, CA, July 17
108 8
"National Developments in Voluntary Insurance for Psychiatric Care," Institute of Community Mental Health Services--Santa Barbara, CA, July 18
108 9
"The Federal Role in Mental Health," The Mental Assn. of the State of Alabama and Alabama Assn. for Mental Health, Inc.--Birmingham, AL, September 13
108 10
"Testimony Before the New York State Legislature,"--Syracuse, NY, September 21
108 11
"How to Get Federal Dollars for Your Mental Health Center," New York State Association for Mental Health--Grossinger, NY, October 19
108 12
"The Impact of the New Federal Mental Health Legislation on the State Mental Hospital System," Northeast State Governments Conference--Hartford, CT, October 22
108 13
"Some Aspects of the Community Mental Health Centers Program," Assembly of District Branches, American Psychiatric Assn.--Washington, DC, October 29