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Andrew Rose Robinson Papers 1924
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Series 1: Biographical Information, 1924 [series]:
1 1
Biographical sketch, 1924
1 2
Bibliography, undated
Series 2: Articles, undated [series]:
1 3
Cancer of the breast and Paget's disease; Cancer of the penis (and scrotum); Cancer of the tongue; Tongue and buccal cavity, undated
1 4
Leukoplakia buccalis; Syphilis of tongue; Tuberculous ulcer of tongue; Case of chondroma of the upper lip; Chondroma, undated
1 5
Xanthoma; Porokeratosis and various, undated
1 6
A unique case of melanosis of the skin; Miscellaneous; Cause and nature of cancer I and II, undated
1 7
Forms of cancer; Flat epithelioma; Flat or nodular epithelioma; Superficial cancer; Deep cancer; Papillary, warty forms, undated
1 8
Warty cancers; Precancerous conditions; Lymph gland infection; Cancer; Rodent ulcer; Melanotic carcinoma; Diagnosis of cancer; Diagnosis of cancer, epitheliomia; Prognosis; Treatment of cancer; Miscellaneous on cancer; Cancer, miscellaneous, undated