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National Cancer Institute oral history collection 1996-1999
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Interviews [series]:
1 1
Baker, Carl G., Rockville, MD [Part I], 11/20/1996

Position: Clinical Director. Topics: Virus Cancer Program; National Cancer Act; Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

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1 2
Baker, Carl G., Rockville, MD [Part II], 7/9/1997

Position: Clinical Director. Topics: National Cancer Act; Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

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1 3
Baldwin, Calvin B., Jr., Garrett Park, MD, 12/31/1997

Position: Associate Director for Administrative Management. Topics: War on Cancer; Lasker, Mary; Schmidt, Benno

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1 4
Berlin, Nathaniel, M.D., Rockville, MD, 6/30/1997

Position: Clinical Director. Topics: Metabolism Task Force; Breast Cancer Task Force

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1 5
Broder, Samuel, M.D., Miami, FL, 7/3/1997

Position: Clinical Director. Topics: AIDS research; patient advocacy

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1 6
Devita, Vincent T., Jr., M.D., New Haven, CT, 6/5/1997

Position: Clinical Director. Topics: National Cancer Act; Lasker, Mary; Rauscher, Frank

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1 7
Dunn, Phebe E., New Bern, NC, 3/16/1998

Position: Executive Secretary. Topics: Rauscher, Frank; Devita, Vincent

1 8
Elkind, Dr. Mortimer, Colorado State University, 7/30/1998

Position: Researcher in the Laboratory of Physiology. Topics: radiation biology; National Coalition for Cancer Research

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1 9
Frei, Emil, MD, Boston, MA, 6/3/1997

Position: Chief of Medicine, Leukemia Service. Topics: leukemia research; Zubrod, Gordon

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1 10
Freireich, Emil J., M.D., University of Texas, 6/19/1997

Position: Senior Investigator, Leukemia Service. Topics: leukemia research; Zubrod, Gordon

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1 11
Hertz, Dr. Roy, Hollywood, MD, 2/2/1998

Position: Director, Endocrinology Branch. Topics: Clinical Center; Li, Min Chiu

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2 1
Huebner, Harriet, Rockville, MD, 6/12/1998

Position: Administrator in Laboratory of Viral Carcinogenesis. Topics: Huebner, Robert

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2 2
Liebelt, Dr. Annabel G., Gaithersburg, MD, 6/17/1998

Position: Researcher in the Registry of Experimental Cancers. Topics: Stewart, Harold Leroy ("Red")

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2 3
Loo, Dr. Ti Li, Rockville, MD, 6/9/1998

Position: Researcher in the Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology. Topics: Freireich, Emil; AIDS research; Zubrod, Gordon

2 4
Marks, Dr. Paul, New York, NY, 7/14/1999

Position: Member of President's Cancer Panel. Topics: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; Schmidt, Benno

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2 5
Oliverio, Vincent T., Rockville, MD, 7/14/1998

Position: Associate Director for Program Coordination, Division of Extramural Activities. Topics: Devita, Vincent

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2 6
Percy, Dr. Constance, Rockville, MD, 7/16/1998

Position: Expert on Classification and Nomenclature of Neoplasms. Topics: Cancer Registries; World Health Organization

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2 7
Rabson, Alan S., M.D., Bethesda, MD, 7/11/1997

Position: Acting Director. Topics: Clinical Center

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2 8
Rall, Dr. David P., Washington, DC, 12/30/1997

Position: Researcher, Clinical Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Service. Topics: Zubrod, Gordon

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2 9
Saunders, Dr. J. Palmer, Perry Hall, MD, 7/22/1998

Position: Director of the Division of Research, Resources and Centers. Topics: Extramural Contract Program; Zubrod, Gordon

2 10
Scolnick, Edward, M.D., West Point, PA, 6/24/1998

Position: Chief, Laboratory of Tumor Virus Genetics and Head of the Molecular Virology Section. Topics: Special Virus Cancer Program

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2 11
Singer, Dr. Maxine, Washington, DC, 7/24/1998

Position: Chief, Laboratory of Biochemistry. Topics: Heppel, Leon; Rabson, Alan

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2 12
Upton, Arthur C., M.D., New York, NY, 6/4/1997

Position: Clinical Director. Topics: Fredrickson, Donald; National Cancer Act

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3 1
Van Nevel, Paul, Bethesda, MD, 7/13/1999

Position: Associate Director for Cancer Communications. Topics: Cancer Information Service; DeVita, Vincent; Rauscher, Frank

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3 2
Ziegler, John L., M.D., St. Helena, CA, 8/4/1998

Position: Deputy Clinical Director. Topics: Epstein-Barr Virus; Lymphoma

3 3
Zubrod, C. Gordon, M.D., Chevy Chase, MD, 5/27/1997; 6/27/1997

Position: Scientific Director. Topics: leukemia research; Cancer Chemotherapy National Service Center (CCNSC)

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