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Pope A. Lawrence Papers 1924-1983
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Series 1: Personal and Biographical, 1930-1977 [series]:

This series highlights the academic history of Pope Lawrence and his assignments as a commissioned officer while working with the United States Public Health Service (PHS), the National Cancer Institute (NIH), and various state agencies involving health and safety issues for the American worker. Lawrence kept personal journals throughout his career on his trips for the federal government to various field sites, meetings, and thoughts on research projects he was responsible for in his capacity as a PHS Commissioned Officer and with the Department of Health Education and Welfare (HEW). There are also handwritten journals that are from his college days at the University of Texas and early notes on colleagues, meetings and research projects. He also shares his role as a father, exemplified in this series through personal letters to his son and two daughters during their academic years at college.

1 1
Resume and Biographical Information [view online]
1 2
Family Correspondence, 1966-71 [view online]
1 3
Federal Government Assignments, 1943-75 [view online]
1 4
Los Alamos Scientific Lab Consulting Assignment, 1949-53 [view online]
1 5
University of Utah Instructions Appointment, 1951 [view online]
1 6
General Personnel Information, 1940s-1960s [view online]
1 7
University of Texas Lecture Notes, ca. 1930-34 [view online]
1 8
MIT Lecture Notes and Work Diary, 1936 [view online]
1 9-10
Human Ecology Class Lecture Notes, 1945-47 [view online]
1 11
Pope Lawrence Photographs, 1944-65 [view online]
1 12
Personal Slides, 1960-77
1 13
Misc. Professional Photographs, 1950s [view online]
1 14
Misc. Industrial Scenes (slides), 1962; 1967
1 15
NCI Professional Staff Biographical Sketches, 1956; 1961 [view online]
2 1
Gen. Thomas D. White Environmental Protection Award Selection Committee Book, 1979 [view online]
PHS Officer's Association [subseries]:
2 2
USPHS Miscellaneous Material (Officer's Club), 1960-61 [view online]
2 3
USPHS Personnel Instructions Transmitted Sheets, 1977-1978 [view online]
2 4-5
UPSHS Commissioned Officer's Association, 1969-1970 [view online]
2 6
Data Folder, Membership Committee, 1962-64 [view online]
2 7
Appointment Qualifications Manual, 1960 [view online]
2 8
Commissioned Officers Association Monthly Meeting, 1959-61 [view online]
2 9
Speeches: Techniques and Materials, ca. 1963 [view online]
2 10
Address Book, 1956 [view online]
2 11
NIH Office Journal, 1976 [view online]
3 1
NIH Office Journal (cont'd.), 1976 [view online]
3 2
Weekly Planner, 1977 [view online]
3 3
Weekly Planner, 1978 [view online]
3 4
Utah Field Trip Notes, Itineraries and Data, 1949-1960 [view online]
3 5
Utah Field Station Quarterly Reports, 1950-1951 [view online]