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Stanley N. Cohen Papers 1948-2016
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1995 [subseries]:

About 50 items.

Topics include Federal funding for science and technology, telecommunications/II, computing research, applications requiring HPCC, "From Desktop to Teraflop" (Branscomb report), U.S. computer industry, NII, cable TV in the NII, higher education and cyberspace, connecting classrooms and libraries and health care organizations, NSF supercomputer centers, the Federal role in supporting R&D to promote economic growth, "Virtual Environments and Distributed Computing at SC'95", Japan.


39 14
Allocating Federal Funds for Science and Technology. NAS/NAE/IOM/NRC Committee on Criteria for Federal Support of R&D. NAP. 1995. 103 pages
39 15
The Changing Nature of Telecommunications/Information Infrastructure. CSTB/NRC. NAP. 1995. 239 pages
39 16
CRA publications, 1995; undated
(1) Computing Research: Driving Information Technology and the Information Industry Forward. (c) ED Lazowska and CRA. 2 pages
(2) Database Systems: A Textbook Case of Research Paying Off. (c) JN Gray (Microsoft) and CRA. 4 pages
(3) Computer Graphics: Ideas and People from America's Universities Fuel a Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry. (c) ER McCracken (SGI) and CRA. 4 pages
(4) Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISC): Academic/Industrial Interplay Drives Computer Performance Forward. (c) WN Joy (Sun) and CRA. 4 pages
(5) Computer Networking: Global Infrastructure for the 21st Century. (c) VG Cerf (MCI) and CRA. 6 pages
(6) Information technology is central to our society -- economically and socially. (c) ED Lazowska and CRA. One page
(7) America's leadership in information technology is the result of an extraordinarily complex and fruitful long-term partnership among government, industry, and academia. (c) ED Lazowska and CRA. 2 pages
(8) Government component of this partnership -- ARPA- and NSF-sponsored research -- cannot be pigeon-holed as "basic" or "applied" -- it is best characterized as "fundamental research in support of strategic directions." (c) ED Lazowska and CRA. 4 pages
(9) Enormous possibilities still lie ahead -- in fact, the real information revolution is yet to come. (c) ED Lazowska and CRA. One page
(10) Continued federal investment is critical to realizing this promise -- to continuing our nation's momentum and to retaining our lead. (c) ED Lazowska and CRA. 2 pages
(11) Related material
(12) A Moment of Truth for America. Signed by 16 CEOs or Chairmen or Presidents of U.S. corporations. 1995 May. One page
(13) CSPP to Sen. Robert Dole. 5/24/1995. Two pages
(14) Also: High Performance Computing in Industry. JD Ingram. [no date.] 4 pages
39 17
CASC white papers, 1995-1996
(1) New Faces of Networking. 2 pages
(2) High Performance Computing Builds Competitive Edge for U.S. Auto Industry, Improving Safety and Efficiency. 2 pages
(3) High Performance Computing Improves Medicine and Health Care. 3 pages
(4) The Impact of High Performance Computing on Aerospace and Defense. 2 pages
(5) High Performance Computing Restores and Protects Water Quality. 2 pages
(6) Creating Digital Libraries for the 21st Century. 2 pages
(7) High Performance Computing Provides Understanding of Catastrophic Weather Conditions and Global Climate Change. 2 pages
(8) High Performance Computing -- A Commitment to K-12 Education. 2 pages
(9) Basic Combustion Research Has Implications for Energy, Economy and Environment -- High Performance Computing is Key Tool. 2 pages
(10) High Performance Computing Helps Unravel Cosmological Mysteries. 2 pages
(11) Basic Research in Electrochemistry Could Eliminate Costly Rust and Corrosion Problems -- Supercomputing Holds the Key. 2 pages
(12) Pilot Supercomputing Project is Revolutionizing How Maps are Made -- Expanding Their Importance as a Tool for Multi-disciplinary Research. 2 pages
(13) Hearing is Believing: Harnessing the Power of Sound for Advancing Scientific Research. 2 pages
(14) An Eye to the Future: How High Performance Computing is Leading Basic Brain Research Toward Artificial Vision Systems. 2 pages
(15) High Performance Computing Improves Automotive Products, Builds Competitive Edge for U.S. Auto Industry. 2 pages
(16) Higher Education Holds the Key to High Performance Computing. 2 pages
(17) Improving Health Care Delivery Through High Performance Computing. 2 pages
(18) Safer Roads and Highways Through High Performance Computing. 2 pages
(19) The Impact of High Performance Computing on Biology, Medicine and Biomedical Research. 2 pages
(20) America Leads the Way in Networking Technology. 2 pages
(21) The Impact of High Performance Computing on U.S. Oil Independence. 2 pages
39 18
NSF - Branscomb Report - Background, 1995 Jan
(1) Briefing on the Branscomb Report -- From Desktop to Teraflop: Exploiting the U.S. Lead in HPC. MK Vernon (NSF Task Force on the Future of the NSF Supercomputer Centers). 1995 Jan. 8 pages
(2) Beyond 'Big Iron' in Supercomputing. Science. 1998 Mar 27. 3 pages
39 19
Freedom to Grow: Public Policy and the U.S. Computer Industry -- Leadership into the 21st Century. CSPP. 1995 Jan. 10 pages
39 20
Vision becomes Reality: NIIT's National Telemedicine Network. Journal of the National Information Infrastructure Testbed. 1995 Jan. 69 pages
39 21
The Cable Connection: The Role of Cable Television in the National Information Infrastructure -- White Paper. CableLabs. 1995 Jan. 18 pages
39 22
Will Higher Education Thrive or Whither in Cyberspace? TJ DeLoughry. The Chronicle of Higher Education. 1995 Jan 27. One page
39 23
Supercomputing '94: Federal HPCC Program Panel. NCO/HPCC. 1995 Feb. 33 pages
39 24
Supercomputer Usage Worldwide: Scientific and Commercial Benefit is Certain but Government is Still the Predominant Sponsor. HJ Wasserman, ML Simmons, AH Hayes. LANL. 1995 Feb. 135 pages
39 25
Common Ground: Fundamental Principles for the National Information Infrastructure - First Report of the NIIAC. 1995 Mar. 36 pages
39 26
Technical Resources Catalog. NCSA/UIUC. 1995 Spring. 24 pages
39 27
HPCC Program, privacy, encryption, publishing, etc., 1995 May-1996 Feb 5
(1) HPCC FY 1995 Estimated and FY 1996 Requested Budgets by Program Components. HPCC FACTS. NCO/HPCC. 1995 May. 2 pages
(2) HPCC Participating Agencies and Contacts. HPCC FACTS. NCO/HPCC. 1995 Dec. 8 pages
(3) AOL Search Raises Issues of Privacy. W. Post. 1996 Jan 26
(4) Pressure Builds to Break Encryption Policy Standoff. New Technology Week. 1996 Jan 22
(5) Publish Your Own Web Pages, But Have Mercy on Us Browsers. WS Mossberg. WSJ. 1996 Jan 18
(6) IBM Compromises on Encryption Keys, U.S. Allows Export of More-Secure Notes. TE Weber. WSJ. 1996 Jan 18
(7) Web Trap: Internet's Popularity Threatens to Swamp The On-Line Services. J Sandberg and B Ziegler. WSJ. 1996 Jan 18
39 28
NII 2000 -- Technology Deployment for a National Information Infrastructure. CSTB. 1995 May 23-24 (meeting dates)
39 29
Connecting the Nation: Classrooms, Libraries, and Health Care Organizations in the Information Age -- Update 1995. NTIA. 1995 Jun. 41 pages
39 30
Higher Education and the NII: From Vision to Reality -- Monterey Conference Proceedings. Sponsored by ALA, ARL, CAUSE, CASC, CNI, CRA, Corporation for Research and Education Networking, Educom, FARNET, IEEE/USA. 1995 Sep. 195 pages
39 31
Report of the Task Force on the Future of the NSF Supercomputer Centers Program. NSF. 1995 Sep 15. 115 pages
39 32
Supporting Research and Development to Promote Economic Growth: The Federal Government's Role. The Council of Economic Advisers. 1995 Oct. 18 pages
39 34
Virtual Environments and Distributed Computing at SC'95: GII Testbed and HPC Challenge Applications on the I-WAY. ACM/IEEE Supercomputing '95. 1995 Nov. 80 pages
39 35
Focus Meeting: High Performance Computing in Japan. IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Supercomputing Applications. 1995 Dec 4