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Stanley N. Cohen Papers 1948-2016
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2001-2005 [subseries]:

About 20 items. Topics include NASA HPCC Program, HPCC (now ITR&D) Program, networking research, NHII, broadband, human-computer interaction and information management research needs. Publishers et al include CRA, CSTB/NRC, HPCC agencies, ITR&D Program, NASA.

31 12
The HPCC Program in review: The best in computing -- the only limit is the speed of light. NASA/HPCC. NASA/ARC. 32 pages
31 13
Looking over the Fence at Networks: A Neighbor's View of Networking Research. CSTB/NRC. 2001. 33 pages
31 14
IT R&D Programs: Five-Year Strategic Plan for FY 2002-FY 2006. EOP/OSTP/IWG ITR&D. 2001 Jan 3
48 6
High Confidence Software and Systems Research Needs. HCSS Coordinating Group, IWG/ITR&D, NSTC. NCO/ITRD. 2001 Jan 10. 45 pages
31 18
Workshop on New Visions for Large-Scale Networks: Research and Applications. NSTC / Interagency Working Group for IT R&D / LSN Coordinating Group. 2001 Mar 12-14. 57 pages
31 19
Information for Health: A Strategy for Building the National Health Information Infrastructure. Report and Recommendations From the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics. HHS. 2001 Nov 15. 92 pages
48 7
Workshop on New Visions for Software Design and Productivity: Research and Applications. SDP Coordinating Group, IWG/ITR&D. NCO/ITRD. 2001 Dec 13-14 (workshop dates). 62 pages
32 1
Broadband: Bringing Home the Bits. CSTB/NRC. 2002. Prepublication copy
48 8
Workshop Report: Blueprint for Future Science Middleware and Grid Research and Infrastructure. LSN Coordinating Group, IWG/ITR&D. 2002 Aug 26-28 (workshop dates). 46 pages
32 2
(1) IHEC Volume II. No date. (2) Productivity Metrics For High-End Computers. The High-End Crusader. New Technology Week. 2003 Mar 17. Pages 8-9.
32 3
Human-Computer Interaction and Information Management Research Needs. HCI&IM Coordinating Group/IWG-ITR&D. 2003 Oct. 47 pages
32 5
Grand Research Challenges in Information Systems. CRA. 2003. 35 pages
32 7
Internet2 2003 Annual Report. Internet2. 2004. 41 pages. Also includes "If At First You Don't Succeed . . . Unreliability Hampers VHP [Visible Human Project] Demonstrations -- A Case Study for E2Epi" and "Internet2 Health Sciences" flyers
32 9
First Annual High Performance Computing Users Conference: Supercharging U.S. Innovation and Competitiveness. Sponsored by the Council on Competitiveness, DARPA, DOE/NNSA, and DOE Office of Science. 2004 Jul 13. 39 pages and CD
48 9
The NITRD Program: FY 2004 Interagency Coordination Report. IWG/ITR&D. NCO/ITRD. 2004 Sep. 182 pages
48 10
Report of the Interagency Optical Network Testbeds Workshop 2, held at NASA Ames Research Center. Sponsored by DOE Office of Science, NASA, and NITRD/LSN/Joint Engineering Team. NCO/NITRD. 2005 Sep 12-14 (workshop dates). 29 pages
33 1
Increasing Competitiveness and Safeguarding Our Nation Through High Performance Computation. CASC. 2005 Nov. 12 pages
33 2
Working Paper on Indicators for the Information Society: Guide to Measuring the Information Society. OECD. 2005 Nov 8. 208 pages