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Stanley N. Cohen Papers 1948-2016
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1993 [subseries]:

About 10 items.

Topics include "Supercomputing and the Transformation of Science", "Nongovernmental Organizations and Scientific and Technical Advice", "U.S. Information Industry", NSF Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel on HPC and Branscomb report, "Science, Technology, and Government", "Information: An Interconnected World", mass storage, NII and each of: telecommunications, virtual reality, Grand Challenges, National Challenges.

Publishers include Academic Medicine; Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government; IEEE; NASA/GSFC.

38 45
Supercomputing and the Transformation of Science. WJ Kaufmann III (San Diego State U.) and LL Smarr (NCSA and U. Illinois). Scientific American Library. 1993. 249 pages
38 46
Facing Toward Governments: Nongovernmental Organizations and Scientific and Technical Advice. Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government. 1993 Jan. 113 pages
38 48
The U.S. Information Industry -- Creating the 21st Century. FG Splitt (Northern Telecom). Sponsored by National Engineering Consortium. 1993 Mar. 14 pages
38 49
NSF Meeting of the Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel on High Performance Computing. 1993 Mar 11-12. Includes presentations by NERSC/LLNL, NASA/ARC, Thinking Machines Corp., Convex, Silicon Graphics Inc., Intel Supercomputers
38 51
Science, Technology, and Government for a Changing World. Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government. 1993 Apr. 94 pages
38 52
Perspectives on Telecommunications in the National Information Infrastructure. IEEE-USA. 1993 May 4-5. 56 pages
38 53
Combustion Environment and High Performance Computing: An Opportunity to Solve a Global Problem -- a white paper. IEEE Computer Society. 1993 Jul. 33 pages
38 55
National Policy Perspectives -- Information: An Interconnected World. DAB Lindberg. Academic Medicine. 1993 Aug. 2 pages
38 56
NCCS Science Highlights -- Supercomputing & Mass Storage Applications Supporting NASA Research for Earth & Space Sciences -- FY93. NASA/GSFC Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS). 101 pages
38 57
Leading the Learning Curve: The First 300 Days of The Clinton Technology Policy. R Gaster and R Bradshaw. North Atlantic Research. 1993 Nov. 96 pages
38 58
NII and Virtual Environments: demo of prototype solutions to National Challenge and Grand Challenge problems using HPCC enabling technologies and VR -- proposal to NSF et al. TA DeFanti (U. Illinois at Chicago). 1993 Nov 15