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Stanley N. Cohen Papers 1948-2016
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Unpublished [subseries]:
66 35
Brenner/Lin-Chao/Cohen - Using retrovirus-derived portable exon to clone and study mammalian regulatory genes - Methods in Enzymology article, 1991
66 36
Cohen and Christine Miller - Non-chromosomal antibiotic resistance in bacteria V. Recombination between an R-factor transfer unit and a chromosomal resistance determinant, undated
66 37
Gilbert/Ravnan/Cohen - Jackpotting does not contribute to density labelling results consistent with random replication ofm bovine papilloma virus in mouse fibroblasts, undated
66 38
Gilbert/TenHagen/Cohen - Integrated and extrachromosomal fomrs of a BPV/MMTV/RAS chimeric molecule have different replication patterns int ransformed mouse C127 cells, undated
66 39-41
Gustaffson and Meacock - Plasmid partition is not determining the incompatibility behaviour of a plasmid, 1980-1982
66 42
Gustafsson, Meacock, Cohen - Studies on plasmid pSE101 partition and incompatibility, 1982-1983
66 43
Interferon, 1980
66 44
Jaurin and Cohen - A transcriptional fusion vector that utilizes the ampC-[ ]-lactamase gene of Escherichis coli for the direct selection of up-mutants in gene expression, 1987
66 45
Jean Brevet studies - Insertion of replication regions and other endonuclease-generated DNA fragments into transposible genetic elements, 1975-1977
67 1
Miller/Cohen - The Cmp phenotype of the par locus of pSC101. How is it related to incompatibility and replication?, 1985-1986
67 2
Sininsky/Histone paper - Effects of upstream translation on the efficiency of translational starts on eukaryotic DNA cloned in E. coli: expression of S. Purpuratus histone H2V genomic DNA, 1980
67 3
Taylor/Sininsky - A novel series of E. coli cloning vectors, 1981
67 4
Troutt/Liebermann/Hoffman-Liebermann/Cohen/Kedes - Tissue-specific and regulated transcript accumulation of the pPu/pPy class of dispersed repetitive sequences, 1986-1988
67 5
Tu/Cohen - A novel regulatory gene which enhances Tn21 transposition and suppresses cointegrate resolution, 1984-1985