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Pope A. Lawrence Papers 1924-1983
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Series 7: Conferences and Meetings, 1952-1977 [series]:
33 4
Symposium on the Immediate and Low Level Effects of Radiations, 1959 [view online]
33 5
Abstracts of Conference on Blood-Bone Marrow Tissue Culture and Cell Separation, 1961 [view online]
33 6
Abstracts of Conference in Cryobiology and Methods of Preserving Living Tissues, 1961 [view online]
33 7
"Machine Techniques for Automatic Identification of the Binucleate Lymphocyte" 4th International Conf. on Med. Electronics, 1961 [view online]
33 8
Recommendations Adopted by the Symposium on the Endemiology of Cancer of the Lung, 1952 [view online]
33 9
Air Pollution Control Association, 1965 Annual Meeting, 1965 [view online]
33 10
Beryllium Conference, NRC, Washington, DC, 1970 [view online]
34 1
Transcript of Proceedings: Frog Kidney Adenocarcinoma Conference, Sept. 16, 1961 [view online]
34 2
Conference on Sputum Cytology in Uranium Miners, Miami FL, 1962 [view online]
34 3
Invitational Seminar on Beryllium, DHEW, 1969 [view online]
34 4
Society of Toxicology, Inc. 5th Annual Meeting Proceedings, 1966 [view online]
34 5
Panel on the Trace Element Geochemistry of Coal Resource Development Related to Health (PECH), 1977 [view online]