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Pope A. Lawrence Papers 1924-1983
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Series 6: Lawrence Speeches and Writings, 1941-1968 [series]:
31 12
Emergency Health Defense for Utah Industries [view online]
31 13
The Development and Progress of a Health Study of Uranium Miners with Consideration of some of the Problems Involved, 1953-1959 [view online]
31 14
Proposed Cooperative Program Between the State Dept. of Health and the Health and the State Industrial Commission Relative to Industrial Hygiene [view online]
31 15
Facilities of the Division of the Occupational Health of the Utah State Dept. of Health [view online]
31 16
Industrial Hygiene [view online]
31 17
External Environmental Conditions Lecture G for Henry N. Doyle, ca. 1950 [view online]
31 18
Safe Disposal of Explosive Material in Accordance with Clean Air Legislation 10th Annual Explosives Safety Seminar, Aug. 13-15, 1968 [view online]
32 1
The Impact of Air Pollution Legislation Texas Safety Conference, 21-Mar-67 [view online]
32 2
Federal Responsibility Under the Clean Air Act, Aug. 26, 1965 [view online]
32 3
The Federal Clean Air Program for Down to Earth Pollution Control in Unconfined Spaces, 1-Apr-65 [view online]
32 4
A Project for Studying the Geographic Distribution of Cancer within a Single County as Related to Environment Factors, 1958 [view online]
32 5
Texas Safety Association: Modern Methods Used in Preventing Occupied Disease, Nov. 1949 [view online]
32 6
Air Borne Odors their Measurement and Later Pretation, Nov. 12, 1946 [view online]
32 7
Study of Soy Bean Industry for the Interstate Cotton Oil Ref'g. Co., Nov. 26, 1941 [view online]
32 8
Hazards to Health in Uranium Mining and Milling, 1962 [view online]
32 9
Cancer Mortality Patterns Army U.S. Uranium Miners and Millers, 1950 thru 1962, 1963 [view online]
32 10
Panel Discussion on Occupational Cancer A.M.A. Council on Industrial Health, Jan. 22, 1953 [view online]
32 11-12
The Public Health and Problems of Radioactive Waste Disposal Opening Session: Uranium Mining (transcript), Nov. 30, 1960 [view online]
33 1
"Cancer Mortality Patterns Among U.S. Uranium Miners and Millers, 1950-1962", 1964 [view online]
33 2
"A Project for Studying the Geographical Distribution of Cancer within a Single Country as Related to Environmental Factors", 1959 [view online]
33 3
"Virus Notions"-Notes and Backgrounds Materials, 1960-1961 [view online]