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Stanley N. Cohen Papers 1948-2016
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2001-2005 [subseries]:

About 40 individual items.

Topics include "Embedded Computers", "Disruptive Technologies", "Bush Budget", "Science and Engineering Degrees", Internet, broadband, "Next Generation Science", E-Government, research universities, collaboration, supercomputing, cyberinfrastructure, revitalizing high-end computing, Grand Challenges, bioinformatics, Japan, competitiveness, applications requiring HEC, supercomputing centers, national security.

Publishers include CASC, Council on Competitiveness, CRA, EOP, NAP, NCO/ITRD, NPACI, NSF, NSTC, WTEC, print media.

40 1
Embedded, Everywhere: A Research Agenda for Networked Systems of Embedded Computers. CSTB/NRC. 2001. 234 pages
40 2
Peer-to-Peer: Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technologies. A Oram, editor. O'Reilly. 2001 Mar. 447 pages
40 3
Bush Budget Trims Science Research To Give Tax Cuts. Roll Call. 2001 Apr 2. One page
40 4
Science and Engineering Degrees, by Race/Ethnicity of Recipients: 1990-1998 -- Detailed Statistical Tables. ST Hill. NSF/SBES. 2001 Jun. 97 pages
40 5
CASC Members Meet New Challenges. After 2001 Sep 11. 8 pages
40 6
Forbes ASAP. 2001 Fall. 28 pages, 2001 Fall
(1) Internet II -- Rebooting the Revolution. M Malone
(2) Why is Broadband So Narrow? SP Pizzo
(3) Anatomy of a System. K Crosby
(4) Note to Feds: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way. CM Cannon
(5) The Tragedy of the Commons. D McFadden
40 7
Partnership Report 2002: Energizing Next-Generation Science. NPACI. 2002. 40 pages
40 8
Information Technology Research, Innovation, and E-Government. CSTB/NR. 2002
40 9
Preparing for the Revolution: Information Technology and the Future of the Research University. NRC. NAP. 2002. 90 pages
40 10
CASC, 2002 Oct 1
(1) Advancing High Performance Computation and Communication through Collaboration. CASC. 2002 Oct 1 (?). 13 pages
(2) Two brochures: Advancing High Performance Computation, Communication, and Collaboration in the Twenty-First Century. CASC. 2002 Oct 1 (?). 9 pages and 13 pages
(3) CASC membership. 2 pages
40 11
The Future of Supercomputing: An Interim Report. CSTB/NRC. NAP. 2003. 58 pages
40 12
Revolutionizing Science and Engineering through Cyberinfrastructure: Report of the NSF Blue-Ribbon Advisory Panel on Cyberinfrastructure. NSF. 2003 Feb 3. 123 pages
40 13
Workshop on The Roadmap for the Revitalization of High-End Computing. DA Reed, editor. CRA. 2003 Jun 16-18 (workshop dates). 106 pages
40 14
New Technology Week. 2003 Jun 16, Jun 30, Jul 21, Sep 2, Oct 14. 52 pages. Often opened to "The High-End Crusader"
40 15
Supporting Science and Security. NR Augustine. W. Post editorial. 2003 Aug 8. One page
40 16
Grand Challenges: Science, Engineering, and Societal Advances Requiring Networking and Information Technology Research and Development. IWG/ITRD. NCO/ITRD. 2003 Nov. 56 pages
40 17
Bush Administration Science & Technology Accomplishments: Promoting Innovation for a Stronger, Safer America. EOP. 2004 Apr. 8 pages
40 19
Science for the 21st Century. NSTC Committee on Science. EOP/NSTC. 2004 Jul. 44 pages
40 20
First Annual High Performance Computing Users Conference: Supercharging U.S. Innovation & Competitiveness. Sponsored by DARPA, DOE/NNSA, DOE Office of Science. Council on Competitiveness. 2004 Jul 13 (conference date)
40 22
In: Bioinformatics: Transforming Biomedical Research and Medical Care. CACM. 2004 Nov. 144 pages, 2004 Nov
(1) Computational Biology and High-Performance Computing. DA Bader
(2) PetaFLOPS Computing. T Ebisuzaki, R Germain, M Taiji.
40 23
WTEC Panel Report on High-End Computing Research and Development in Japan. AW Trivelpiece (chair), R Biswas, J Dongarra, P Paul, K Yelick. WTEC. 2004 Dec. 183 pages
40 24
Council on Competitiveness papers, 2005
(1) High Performance Computing: Accelerating Innovation for Global Competitiveness. 2 pages
(2) High Performance Computing and Competitiveness -- Grand Challenge Case Studies
(a) Auto Crash Safety: It's Not Just for Dummies. 4 pages
(b) Customized Catalysts to Improve Crude Oil Yields: Getting More Bang from Each Barrel. 4 pages
(c) Full Vehicle Design Optimization for Global Market Dominance. 4 pages
(d) Keeping the Lifeblood Flowing: Boosting Oil and Gas Recovery from the Earth. 4 pages
(e) Spin Fiber Faster to Gain a Competitive Edge for U.S. Textile Manufacturing. 4 pages
40 25
Supercomputer centers, cyberinfrastructure, 2005 Mar 14
(1) Seismic Shift: The nation's supercomputing centers have for years incubated innovation. Now their research agenda is being upended. A Ricadela. InformationWeek. 2005 Mar 14. 3 pages
(2) Peter Freeman of the NSF is driving the shift from providing supercomputing cycles to developing software and services as part of a national cyberinfrastructure. A Ricadela. InformationWeek. 2005 Mar 14. 2 pages
40 28
Second Annual High Performance Computing Users Conference Report: Accelerating Innovation for Prosperity. Council on Competitiveness. Sponsored by DARPA, DOE/NNSA, DOE Office of Science, NSF. 2005 Jul 13. 44 pages
40 29
Increasing Competitiveness and Safeguarding Our Nation Through High Performance Computation. CASC. 2005 Nov. 12 pages